Download Quick Heal Mobile Security Pro for Android For Free


Quick Heal cellular protection offers quick and reliable safety from viruses and harassing calls and texts, as well as theft. Although it’s a paid app it’s competing with effective safety freebies, it stands up nicely to them, way to its fashionable interface and consumer friendliness. This app is really worth using if you want complete protection to your cell tool and are willing to pay for it.

After you installation brief Heal mobile security, you’ve got the choice to buy the full model of the app or begin a free. The model gives all of the features of the premium edition so that you can test the app’s name and text blocking in addition to its anti-robbery mode right away. The latter takes some time to installation, however will let you remotely wipe and find your smartphone if it is misplaced or stolen. All of the app’s settings are to be had from a fashionable menu this is a satisfaction to apply. The beef of the app, its virus scanning, isn’t always gradual, but there are faster apps available. It took about 5 mins to experiment our cellphone at some point of trying out, but it did discover a valid chance. Quick Heal eliminated it mechanically, with out inquiring for confirmation.

A nicely-constructed app, quick Heal cell safety will shield your phone from pretty much anything that would befall it, except rain. However, you may not want all its functions, much much less be inclined to pay for them.

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