Easy Taxi and Yaxi together to achieve unseat Uber

In Mexico, the arrival of Uber has marked a watershed in terms of mobility, thus many uncertainties to the public transport and lack of certainty in terms of security. However, the company of private transport began to present vulnerabilities that denotaron distrust in the users.

To compete with Uber, there were other mobile applications such as Cabify, Avant,, or City drive, whose goal is to provide users with a secure and reliable service. Similarly, there are other platforms such as Yaxi and Easy Taxi, which will join forces to achieve position above Uber.

Through a press release in which announced the alliance of both applications latinas, you can read the following:

“Easy Taxi and Yaxi announce their merger to mark a total change in the mobility of the City of Mexico. This will result in a better service to users; better job opportunities and a stronger option of mobility to the 20 million mexicans who use the CDMX.”

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With this union, both platforms will wind up its technology to optimize a new application. In turn, the announcement said that the economy of the drivers will be improved, because it can increase the demand in this new business model in which both applications will join together to expand the reach of the users residents of the City of Mexico.

However, there are still unaware of some important details about if the two applications would continue to work independently, or they unify under the same name. It is not known at what point in time will be the merger, nor how will be the rates. It is likely that with the passage of time we know more official information about that.

Meanwhile, only we will be patient and wait to see if this new merger could actually be positioned above Uber, whose position tops the list in private transportation in Mexico. Share with us your opinion about this topic.

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What Reemplazarías your mobility service by the fusion of these two applications?

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