Ed Mosberg is 92 years old and has survived two concentration camps, but now is happier than many people in the world

Ed Mosberg was born in 1926 in Krakow (Poland). During the Second World War he was arrested and sent to the concentration camps of Płaszów, and Mauthausen, but he was lucky to survive. Ed lost all his family during the Holocaust.

After his release, he went to live in the united States, where he still continues to live. He has a wife named Kezia, whom he loves dearly.

Great.guru decided to find out how Ed Mosberg remains healthy, active and happy despite their age and the difficulties and the stones in the road that put her life.

1. Perform physical exercises

His 92 years, Ed Mosberg performed every morning, 100 push-ups, squats and movements aerobics for 10 minutes in your treadmill of your apartment. He also spends time in the open air.

“I have to keep myself in shape by and for my wife. At any time, when you need me I am here for her. This is the most important for me. Today I woke up at 5 in the morning and I immediately went to the treadmill“.

British film producer Llion Roberts, who directed a film about the Holocaust, said in relation to Ed: ”you will Always be ahead of you and you’ll always have to try to achieve it.“ In the filming of the movie, they all split up when they went on a journey because he walked very quickly.”

2. Be with your loved ones

“I still dream of those terrible events. My wife Kezia dreaming about it constantly. Sometimes he screams while sleeping and calls out to his sisters, but our love helps us to fill that emptiness and bitterness for your loss. I always say: ’We have a common life and we are here together’”, he stresses, Ed.

His wife lives in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t worry him because Ed help in everything that she needs.

3. Do not eat more than what is needed

“Don’t eat in excess, it is the worst. People eat more of what you need. They simply say: ’I’m hungry’ and then go running to satisfy his desire, even if you are not completely sure they’re not even trying to figure out if they are hungry or just bored. But even the hunger true can be controlled.

This morning I drank a glass of water, I had a cup of coffee with sugar and I ate half a jar of yogurt. The coffee gives me enough energy to skip lunch and that to me is sufficient with the dinner. I sometimes do as well. I don’t want you to tell my daughter what you like,” says Ed, laughing.

4. The responsibility of caring for another

In those times, Ed Mosberg went up to journal 189 steps of boulders in the concentration camp of Mauthausen, and if at least one edge is slid, all those who followed him lost life.

“One day, my family and I returned to camp and took my daughter Caroline in my arms by the steps of Mauthausen. My wife was very worried, but I told him I was not and did not think in those boulders, the important thing was that I could take my daughter.” The responsibility of caring for another person makes you stronger.

5. Train your memory and adapt to the new times

Not stop learning new things and train your memory. Books and board games calm the nerves and “stimulate” the brain.

Ed Mosberg acted in the film about the holocaust of the director, british Claire Ferguson, 2004. Provides public speaking to college students and leads conferences. Use an iPhone, and solves many questions. In the world that surrounds it, there are still many things to do and to learn.

6. Goals and interests for life

A person ceases to live when there are things to be done or goals. Therefore, it is important to have a hobby: whether to draw, to compose poetry, or even give lectures.

Ed Mosberg decided to devote himself to explain to the world what was the Holocaust: “I do Not for pleasure, it hurts me, but I have to do so as long as you continue with life, because I see being reborn nazism and anti-semitism in the world“.

”I have already decided that I will organize a party on the occasion of my 100th birthday and I have already chosen to date.”

7. Be a quiet person and not worry about trivialities

It is not necessary to spend mental energy on feelings like anger, resentment, or charging against your loved ones.

Ed Mosberg, in spite of the harsh trials that he has brought life, as well as the loss of his family, he forgives completely to the modern Germany, because he understands that 99 percent of the people who organized the Holocaust as they do it.

Indirectly, the good effect of a mental balance for health this is confirmed by the studies of the London School of Economics made in the field of religion. The researchers recognize the following: the main thing is not the faith, but the mental health. In other words, don’t waste your nerves on trifles, and don’t blame yourself that you cannot change.

Do you and your family there are people who have already reached 100 years old or approaching that age? Tell us in the comments who you are and what is the secret of your good health.

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