The US accuses North Korea of being behind the cyber attacks of the virus WannaCry

The National Security advisor of the White House Tom Bossert has accused North Korea of being behind the cyber attacks carried out this year by ‘ransomware’ WannaCry, a virus that blocked the computer equipment from numerous companies all over the world.

“The attack took place at the international level and cost millions of dollars. North korea is directly responsible, “said Bossert, who has indicated that WannaCry affected hospitals, banks and other companies around the world.

In addition, the high charge of the Administration of the president, Donald Trump, has asserted that anyone who has damaged the united States will suffer the consequences.

As has been highlighted in an opinion article published by the american newspaper The Washington Post, Bossert will continue trying to exert “greater pressure” on Pyongyang in the framework of the growing tension in the Korean peninsula.

The cyber attacks carried out by viruses as WannaCry and NotPetya have led to an increase of the expenditure of the companies in information security at the global level.

Such expenditure will reach 96.296 million dollars (81.754 million euros) in 2018, which represents 8% more than the 89.133 million dollars (75.633 millions of euros) spent over 2017, according to forecasts of the technological consulting firm Gartner.

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