The 155, Puigdemont, and the political situation in Catalonia, a great protagonist in searches on Google in Spain in 2017

The political situation in Catalonia has been the most searched on Google in Spain during 2017, consistent with the annual data disseminated this Wednesday, the 13th of December by the internet search engine. The word ‘Catalonia’ has been the term most searched for in this tool, while ‘What is the article 155?’ and ‘Puigdemont’ have been, respectively, the question with ‘what is’ more consulted, and the second person most sought after.

Through a press release, Google has stated that searches of ‘Catalonia’, ‘Attack Barcelona’ and ‘Bimba Bosé’ have led the general ranking of the search engine in Spain in the current year, followed by names and terms such as ‘Puigdemont’, ‘Angel Nieto’, ‘Eurovision’, ‘HBO’, ‘Carme Chacón’, ‘iPhone 8’ or ‘Slowly’.

The general list shows that the former Catalan and several personalities deceased throughout 2017 have cornered the ranking of more people searched for on Google in Spain. The artist Bimba Bosé, who died last January, has been the personality most searched for Spanish users, followed by Carles Puigdemont , and the expiloto motorcycle road racer Ángel Nieto, who passed away in August.

The former minister Carme Chacón, who is also the expiloto motorcycle Nicky Hayden, the humorist Chiquito de la Calzada and the former president of Box Madrid Miguel Blesa are the other renowned figures killed in 2017 present in the list of the personalities most searched on Google. Share hole in the ranking with Andrea de Janeiro, the daughter of the bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique and the partner television Belén Esteban, and the soccer players of brazilian Philippe Coutinho and Neymar Júnior.

Answer of doubts and questions

The users of Google also has used the search engine to solve your doubts or to know certain concepts. The searches on ‘What is the article 155?’, ‘What is the MERCHANT?’ and ‘What is DUI?’ have been the most frequently repeated within the questions beginning with ‘what is’ in Spain. These concepts share the place with other subjects also related to the political or economic as the CUP, the clause is ground, or EFTA, and diseases such as lupus, Asperger’s or cerebral ischemia.

Regarding the questions started with the word ‘how’, have led the list ‘How are you according to your name?’, ‘How do you make slime?’ and ‘How to make French toast?’. In this ranking are some doubts about economic issues how to know if it has a clause ground, claiming expenses on a mortgage or make the declaration of Income, that share in leading positions along with issues diverse as ‘How to get Google Maps?’, ‘How are you according to your sign?’, ‘How to block a phone number?’ or ‘How do you donate bone marrow?’.

From the field of sports, the competitions ‘League Santander’ of football and ‘Eurobasket’ basketball share along with the name of Neymar on the podium of searches in Spain. For its part, from the section of tv, film and series, the queries are the most repeated of 2017 have been ‘Eurovision’, ‘HBO’ and ‘Oscars’.

‘Irma’ and the new iPhone, the most sought after in the world

At the global level, the hurricane, ‘Irma’, which led to several losses of human lives and significant destruction in the Caribbean and the east coast of the united States, has been the term most searched on Google in 2017. The two new ‘smartphones’ de Apple, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, accompanying him on the podium.

The american journalist Matt Lauer, who was fired in November of the NBC to the alleged inappropriate sexual behavior, has been the personality most searched around the world for the present year. We follow the american actress Meghan Markle, recently announced as the promised Prince Harry of England, and the presenter of the television Italian Nadia Toffa, who kept on tenterhooks to his country after suffering a fade on the 2nd December in a hotel in the town of Trieste.

The hurricane, ‘Irma’, the Bitcoin and the shooting in Las Vegas (united States) October have been the news most searched on Google in all over the world, while the sports events most consulted have been the Wimbledon Championship of tennis, the Super Bowl of american football and the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Finally, the most sought-after films of 2017 have been ‘IT’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

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