‘The Duo Explosive’: The Big Lie behind drinking alcohol with sugar to the cup you ‘upload’ before

Have you ever wondered why you find yourself sick after drinking alcohol? We know that it is a poison that dehydrates the body, it leaves no just vitamins and minerals and generates by-products unpleasant. Well now imagine that while the body is going through all of this and is trying to recover, you add large amounts of sugar. What do you think is happening?

Alcohol + sugar = how explosive Mixture?

Does the sugar causes the alcohol to “move up” more?

'El Dúo Explosivo': La Gran Mentira detrás de beber alcohol con azúcar para que la copa te 'suba' antes

It seems, that contrary to what many people believe, to mix alcohol with sugar does not make this “move up” more.

Alcohol is a toxic substance that is absorbed mostly in the small intestine. Once absorbed, circulates through the bloodstream until the liver processes it. But the liver has a maximum capacity to process it, so if you you go with the alcohol you emborrachas.

The glucose basically absorbed in the same way, but their metabolic pathway is distinct, called glycolysis. So the fact that it has more or less glucose, should not affect the speed at which you process alcohol or fats.

Why, then, gives us that feeling?

'El Dúo Explosivo': La Gran Mentira detrás de beber alcohol con azúcar para que la copa te 'suba' antes

What happens is that the more sugar you have a drink, the more sweet we know and the easier it is bebérnosla. It is not the same have a cocktail, vodka or tequila to palo seco. To be easier to drink, usually drink more and in less time.

The result is that without realizing it, we got drunk. It is not that we do it before, but we are less aware of how drunk the drink so sweet it seems to us.

Duo dangerous

'El Dúo Explosivo': La Gran Mentira detrás de beber alcohol con azúcar para que la copa te 'suba' antes

That one is not involved in the process of the other, does not mean that the mixture of these two substances is not dangerous. And is that both are highly addictive and act on the pleasure center of the brain. In addition, the excessive consumption of alcohol and sugar (in its refined state) is bad for both the teeth as the liver and kidneys.

So now you know, don’t abuse alcohol or sugar separately, and much less at the same time, if you don’t want your body to suffer. And a tip, if you’re going to do this, take a glass of water between drink and drink, as this will dilute both the alcohol as the sugar and makes it easier for the body to process.

And if you want to know more: “10 Things that happen to your body every time you take alcohol”.

Do you know why sugar makes you feeling that you “go up” more alcohol? It let us know in the comments!

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