The man who could not fail to experience orgasms

Stimulating the prostate through the rectal wall it may create feelings of ecstasy in men that are exceptionally pleasant, often exceed those obtained by the stimulation of the penis, according to a study by Roy Levin, a researcher from the University of Sheffield, and whose results were published in Clinical Anatomy. This study on the orgasm of the prostate also shows a striking case.

The patient was a 73-year-old that he began to experience orgasms of an intensity that is almost brutal in the moments and situations more unexpected, without having the possibility to control it. The patient had been diagnosed with an infection in the prostate and, therefore, the doctors prescribed a drug called cialis, which is used both to treat infeccuiones of the urinary tract such as erectile dysfunction. And also advised him to use a massager for the prostate.

What nobody could expect is that the man was going to begin to experience orgasms involuntary intense and uncontrollable. The situation came to such a point that the patient was able to have an orgasm without having to use the massager, just lie down on the bed face down.

Without a doubt, this is a strange case, but not unique. In fact, there is a name for this curious syndrome: Disorder of Arousal Genital Permanent. Only know a few hundred cases around the world, and the majority of them are women. Those who suffer this syndrome experience orgasms uncontrolled. The causes are still being investigated, but some studies relate to the use of certain drugs, with the existence of tumors in the brain or with diseases such as epilepsy.

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