The iPhone can be very expensive, but these memes and tuitazos are free

The people are not very in accordance with the price list of the new generation of iPhone that Apple unveiled yesterday in Cupertino. And is that the model Xs has a Max it can reach up to 35,000 pesos price, which makes the smartphone more expensive commercial market.

Fortunately, the Social Networking always offer us their famous physiotherapy-based memes to deal with the frustration widespread that it has caused this disproportion of prices to be done with an iPhone. And as here in unocero we are very interested in you to keep your mental and emotional health, we’ll take you to a selection of the best tuitazos and annexes to that you take it with grace. By the way, speaking of humor, how it will have taken Apple this tremendous trolleo that Huawei was after his Keynote 2018? and Partners.

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