The iPhone 2, Apple would have been cancelled at the last minute

Apple continues to helm hits from all sides. Now, multiple reports in media say that the iPhone IS 2, the new economical version of the smartphone made in Cupertino, would be cancelled at the last minute.

This would be the price and launch date of Xiaomi Mi A2

The original report comes from no less than Forbes, which in turn cites to Olixar, a supplier for the housings of Apple, which ensure the new iPhone 2, or iPhone X Mini simply will not happen.

According to Forbes, Olixar last month “he was so confident in this information that began to produce in his official line of accessories”, but the accessory manufacturer has stopped producing them, since their sources have confirmed the cancellation.

The swerve of Apple includes a rethinking for their releases this September, with three new models of iPhone X “cost-friendly”, but not the economy version that posed the iPhone 2. As always, it should be noted that the source cited by Forbes are not official and in Cupertino have refused to confirm or deny anything about it.

Apple wants to focus on the three new iPhone that is expected for the end of the year. Would be the successor of the iPhone X (possibly with the same name or “Xs”) of 5.8 inches, the new iPhone Xs Plus 6.5-inch, and an iPhone without the name of 6.1-inch (what the iPhone 9?).

The company led by Tim Cook predicted that the iPhone X will reduce their sales by 20% this year, which makes you think that all of those settings are still to return their devices more competitive in terms of cost.

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