The iPhone XS Max beats the Note 9 in one of his best qualities

A few days ago that the iPhone came to several countries in the world for all the die-hard Apple fans could get the new phone of the company, which has raised controversy due to its design, functions and it seems that once again for its crystal bit tough. However, not all are bad news, because the experts from DisplayMate have analyzed one of the strongest points of the iPhone X as is the screen, mentioning that it is the best in the market view on a smartphone today.

DisplayMate is popular for study to detail the benefits of each screen on a mobile phone on the market, and until a few weeks ago the Galaxy Note 9 had the best screen of the market in a smartphone thanks to its Super AMOLED technology and excellent calibration and brightness, as it was a 27% brighter compared to its predecessor, and had a contrast of 32% higher than the Note 8, figures that were difficult to reach after what we saw on the Note 8.

Well, Apple has succeeded, and your iPhone XS Max has the best screen on the market. We must recognize that one of the things that Apple does very well is the calibration of your screens, these are always outstanding, and this iPhone is not the exception, because according to the analysts, both the iPhone XS as the XS Max have a HDR screen with the best color accuracy in the industry, black, authentic, and brightness and contrast are remarkable.

They say that the iPhone XS and XS Max are failing with reception and WiFi, peeero…

Likewise, they mention that they are the screens more clear and the pixel density higher view on an Apple mobile device. In addition, let us not forget that the new iPhone XS and XS Max resolution 2.7 K with a number of pixels of 2,688 x 1,242, which according to DisplayMate, it helps the user to enjoy high-quality content as in a few smartphones on the market.

Again Apple beats Samsung to have the best screen on the market, an event that is repeated every year, although it is likely the firm will regain its title when it launches the Galaxy S10 to the market. and Partners.

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