The dark mode of YouTube has finally arrived for smartphones

If you are lovers of the color black, and the eternal darkness, this news is for you (also if you would like to find a new alternative to rest the eyes while you see your device). There are many applications that have chosen the trend of offering a mode dark on your interface for the convenience of users; for example, Twitter.

The dark mode is a appearance of the own software in the menus to replace the white color for a black one. There are some extensions for browsers that can be implemented, but that are not official, or, in the case of YouTube, is already included this tool in the web version, but the exciting thing is that it also is already for mobile devices.

If you are someone who invests hours and hours a night watching videos on YouTube, this will be of great help for that your eye can rest, as the light constant and the brightness could be factors that do not allow you to reconcile the dream.

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For the moment, this option is only available for users of iOS, but gradually will be getting the update to Android. To activate dark mode, you must go to the Settings section and select “Dark Theme” or “dark Mode” as shown in the following image.

youtube oscuro

For some users, the option is already available without the need to update its application; while others need to find a new version in the App Store. But if neither is possible, you can force this update by downloading and reloading the app, because if not… well, it only remains to be patient.

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In the meantime, if you want to know how to modify this option in the web version, you can enter this link in which we will explain to you in detail.

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