The planet is drowning in plastic and here are 15 items that you can replace right now

The statistics on the pollution of the plastic are extremely worrying. For example, americans use 100 billion bags of this material into the year. This figure is enough to encircle the Equator about 1 330 times. According to the UN, there are more areas of microplástico in the ocean than stars in our galaxy.

In we’re really concerned by this problem, so that we build a list of plastic items that we use everyday along with their due alternatives, ecological, to become aware of the damage that ocasionamos the planet daily without knowing it.

15. Toiletries and cleaning

Our bathrooms and kitchens contain the highest concentration of plastic bottles of the home. Just ask: how many pots of shower gel I really need? What a multi-purpose cleaner might not do the job? What is change of liquid soap to one in a bar? Believe it or not, these little tricks can help you to drastically reduce the amount of plastic you use.

14. Membership cards

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It is difficult to imagine how many plastic cards that you just use are going to the garbage dump. While it is impossible to imagine your life without one of these, you can survive with credentials of membership. You can always borrow one of them, find paper coupons or a discount code, or use your phone number if you are already a member of an establishment.

13. Bags for dogs

You may have mixed feelings after cleaning the dirt from your dog. We pollute the ground cleaning up something anyway it will become biodegradable. But here is a solution: choose containers eco-friendly and so the Earth will be aesthetically pleasing in both ways. Although we must warn you that not all calls waste bags biodegradable pet are what they claim to be, so it is important that you do research well before buying to be safe.

12. Synthetic clothing

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This material is used in bottles and containers, and with each washing, small pieces of plastic go down the drain to the ocean. In other words, choose natural materials is not only good for you, but also for the planet.

11. Kitchen sponges

The part of foam of the sponge is made of polyurethane. This type of plastic is very difficult to recycle and, when burned, it releases hazardous substances such as isocyanates and hydrogen cyanide. You can change your sponges for a few made with natural ingredients or replacing them with new brushes.

10. Covers phone

The cases of phones do an excellent job to be beautiful and to protect our devices, but often are made of some type of plastic. Fortunately, you can now find slipcovers for beautiful and eco-friendly made of wood, recycled plastic or compostable.

9. Toys for children

Although the wood toys are usually a little more expensive in comparison with plastic, have some advantages in addition to being friendly to the Earth. In the first place, are more secure by definition, because they are made of natural materials. On the other hand, are more durable. After all, touch a toy of wood is more interactive and small will develop the sense of touch in a better way.

8. Tea bags

Bad news for all lovers of this drink: most tea bags contain plastic, therefore, when you drink a cup you create not only waste, but also eat small pieces of plastic. You can start searching for tea brands without plastic, or simply switch to single sheets.

7. Feathers

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the united States), only in this country to throw 1.6 million pens disposable every year. Add the rest of the waste of pens in the world and multiply it by 50 years (that is the time it takes for the plastic to degrade). The number will blow your mind! If you want to do something about it, you can use pencils, pens, cardboard, or simply change the refill from your pen.

6. Mat for yoga

To do yoga means to care for your body and your mind, so it is important to choose the mat is suitable to perform this activity. But, often, these are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and are not harmless. Contain raw materials, carcinogens and dioxins are poisonous that are released when burned. Fortunately, there are many mats yoga safe and non-toxic which you can choose between.

5. Disposable razors

As with all of the points of this article, the biggest problem with disposable razors is that they are not recyclable. The knives, on the other hand, yes they are. The razors themselves can last a lifetime, so invest in a steel will allow you to save a lot of money in the long term.

4. Toothbrushes

Not a single part of a tooth brush that you use every day and disposed of every 3 months is biodegradable. Which means that within 100 years, and even 200, this object will continue to exist in the same way that when you undid it. Fortunately, some versions of biodegradable and eco-friendly are now available. The toothbrush of bamboo, for example, are becoming more and more popular among the people.

3. Facial scrubs

The little balls facial scrubs that leave your face fresh, clean and smooth, are manufactured with plastic, unless otherwise indicated on its container. And that’s not just bad for your face, but also pollutes the oceans. If you are a lover of seafood, it is very likely that you consume around 11 000 pieces of microplástico each year.

2. Coffee capsules

The coffee capsules can seem very convenient, but, in reality, are the major contributors of the pollution of plastics in the landfills. Fortunately, you have several options to replace them. First, you can use a reusable. Another way to avoid the use of plastic is to use a jezve (utensil of copper to prepare coffee). It may take more time, but your coffee will taste delicious and you’ll be helping to take care of our environment.

1. Curtains and liners shower

Do you ever think what it is that gives it that smell of “new” things? Are all toxic chemicals, like PVC, which are made such products, for example, shower curtains. These have been linked with many health problems, and once you get rid of them, they will still be in the landfill, releasing toxic chemicals. To avoid this, look for curtains and wall coverings that are not made of plastic.

What do you think about plastic pollution? Do you do something to help clean up the planet? It tell us in the comments below!

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