The first rocket to Mars, SpaceX will be within a Tesla sounding ‘Space Oddity’

The fate of the rocket Falcon Heavy, the largest made since the Saturn V that carried the Moon, the spacecraft Apollo, is the orbit of Mars, where if you meet the plans of Musk, the car will travel millions of miles through space. Musk has also thought that the car plays the classic David Bowie’s Space Oddity during his journey to the red planet.

In a couple of publications on Twitter, Musk said the new rocket of SpaceX to debut in January from the same launch pad from the NASA that sent astronauts of Apollo XI to the moon: Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“Falcon Heavy will be launched next month from the platform of the Apollo XI at Cape Canaveral,” writes Musk. “You will have two times the propulsion of the second rocket largest. Is no guarantee that it will be exciting, one way or another, “he adds. In addition, it adds in a second tweet: “The payload shall be my Tesla Roadster model midnight cherry playing Space Oddity”.

Musk has also announced that destiny will be the orbit of Mars. “You will be in deep space for a billion years more or less if it does not explode on the ascent. Wow!!! That Roadster is going to accumulate so many miles if it reaches the Red Planet,” he says.

A rocket of 70 meters

The rocket Falcon Heavy from SpaceX is a launch vehicle heavy that uses the first two stages of Falcon 9 around a central core, which is a Falcon 9. With 70 meters of height of height is designed to launch payloads of up to 57 metric tons –the equivalent of a passenger plane Boeing 737– so that a single Tesla Roadster is not a challenge for the rocket.

The rocket will be the shooter american more powerful since the famous rocket lunar Saturn V NASA. In addition, it is designed to be reusable, because its drivers are designed to fly back to the Earth, like the first stages of the Falcon 9.

Musk has insisted repeatedly that there is a good possibility that the first test of the rocket Falcon Heavy fails. Earlier this year, said he had a “factor of puckering important” for the first flight of Falcon Heavy. The rocket is so complex that could go wrong in its first release, explains the founder and CEO of SpaceX, cited by

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