The Trick final to eliminate the yellowish color of the pillows and return them to the original white

You are not aware of what used to be your pillow until it comes time to change it and you find out, after you remove the cover, the original white has given way to a yellowish of the least appetizing.

This is due to the sweat that our body continues to produce during sleep to balance the body temperature, and unpalatable as it may seem, does not affect the efficacy of the pillow.

Something more troubling is, according to Dow, that 1/3 of the weight of our pillow is composed of dead cells, dust mites, and droppings, of their own mite. Calm, it is not necessary that the tires all, today we will teach you how to clean them and leave them as new.

How to stop your pillows clean and white again.

La mejor manera de blanquear tus amarillentas almohadas

The first thing you should identify is the material of your pillow. They all follow the same procedure but if you have a foam pillow you’ll have to take special care.

1 – Check the label

In addition to corroborate the material of the pillow, you need to know if this can be put in the washing machine, since it is necessary to get a full cleaning.

2 – Prepare the mixture

La mejor manera de blanquear tus amarillentas almohadas

Incorporate this mixture to your washing machine, it only serves to white pillows. You have to mix it before incorporating to your washing machine, all of the ingredients with hot water to ensure homogeneity.

  • 1 cup of chlorine bleach.
  • 1 cup of detergent for dishes.
  • 1 cup of laundry detergent.
  • 1/2 cup salt of boron.

3 – the washing machine

Choose a program of hot water and you can wash your pillows in pairs, depending on the capacity of your washing machine. You have to use program soft to not harm. In the case of having a foam pillow, the program shall be to delicate garments.

4 – It’s time to dry

La mejor manera de blanquear tus amarillentas almohadas

The dryer plays an important role in this process, as this will remove any trace of moisture out of your pillow. With a program of low heat (the lowest possible for foam pillows) and a couple of tennis balls, you will get your pillows are dry and fluffy.

5 – Checks

Check your pillows from time to time as the drying time will vary, and it is not recommended to continue in the dryer once they are completely dry.

La mejor manera de blanquear tus amarillentas almohadas

You already have your pillows like new and all white, ready to support your night of pleasant sleep.

Are you one of those that tirabas pillows yellow? Can you sleep before you wash your pillows now that you know of that are made?

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