Choose the person you like the most and find out what you can say about it

The test that we propose today is based on the fisiognomía, that is to say, in the reading of a person’s character according to their peculiarities and facial in behavioral genetics. If we rely on these two areas of psychology, then, according to the type of people that you like could be to define the traits of your own character. It is only necessary to correlate the facial features and the character of the individual in the image with the peculiarities of the character of others that complement each other. gives you pass this test and you are encouraged to share the results in comments: actually we are very interested in knowing if you’ve hit the nail.

Choose this collage for the person that seems most attractive and discover what it means to your choice. Don’t be in a hurry: think, who would you like to communicate really?


This person seeks to enjoy both the work and the rest, have a great strength of will: this is perceived by the shape of their lips. It is direct and deeply receptive.

Who do you attract these people?

Productive people, business, and centered. Those who possess a great strength of will, as a general rule, you intuitively feel attracted to each other. Then, if you have chosen this person, with their own characteristics of a strong character, we suspect that you also hold.


The neat nostrils indicate that this person may climb from poverty to wealth, their way is “the rough path to the stars”. These people distance themselves from those who are slow of mind and movement, and with a melancholic temperament, or phlegmatic. The eyes bright reveal to us a great intelligence and a similar form of smile displays the ability to hold back when expressing emotions.

Who do you attract these people?

Psychologists point out that such faces attract the people quiet, stable and thoughtful. However, under this appearance contained, you can hide a temperament strong enough, as well as determination and a profound ability to get excited about.


This man is distinguished by his courage, is passionate and energetic. The top of the ears to just above the eyebrows, which reveals a high intelligence. The chin, well pronounced and sharp shows idealism and conscience. The motto of any business is to “do it now”.

Who do you attract these people?

To people daring and with a mentality serious. The trifler does not dare to interact with an individual with this character. This choice characterizes you as a strong person, maybe hard and inflexible.


The chin square denotes a strong character, courageous and strong, mixed with stubbornness and ability to impose their will. The eyes are large are usually a symbol of a deep sensitivity. The lips and nasolabial folds reveal emotional expressiveness, a peculiar and quite hard sense of humor and a serious attitude in front of life.

Who do you attract these people?

According to psychologists, people strong and sensitive appeal to people kind and soft that they need protection and warmth of the soul. This is one of those cases that attract opposite poles and a character hard with a great force of will combines perfectly with one that is totally malleable. However, this character soft must be combined with a hard core in the interior.


Individuals with a chin small are patients, often give in and have a temperament that is calm. Are cold and reserved. The tip “suspended” from the nose displays a joyful attitude for life. By the shape of their lips, it can be said that, in situations of urgency, expresses its capacity to combat the problems alone, without the need for external assistance.

Who do you attract these people?

People cold, quiet, and complacent attract two different types of individuals: if your temper is just as silent, or, if you hold qualities coming to the abuser, and you want to take advantage of your complacency and your character supporter to avoid conflict. This choice may caracterizarte as a person as modest, strong and calm, like the man who appears in the image, or as a person of character hard, with the typical characteristics of an operator.


According to the fisiognomía, a face with a form of acute and oval indicates great sensitivity and talent. At the same time, on this character, the experts in this field observed guile and intolerance. A mouth large indicates carelessness, a character little likely to torment.

Who do you attract these people?

What is more likely is that your activity is related to creativity, or at least in it, there is a creative potential inside. You are kind and character with a light, as the girl in the picture. According to psychologists, a person with a difficult character not to attract its opposite, and vice versa. The “levels of complexity” must be matched for those who have found sympathy among them.


The eyebrows straight and long reveal a man intelligent and intellectual. The whole structure of his face indicates a character calm and aversion to radical changes. Such a person reveals to be in harmony with the outside world. You can be an artist or a scientist. A long nose, in harmony with the eyes, the mouth and chin, indicate a strong character. The nasolabial folds insinuate a difficult psychological situation in the past.

Who do you attract these people?

This type, in the opinion of the experts, it is quite attractive in itself. But if you choose to this particular person, we dare to assume that you have a certain dose of creativity. Like this man, you’re quiet and you’re also in complete harmony with the world. You will probably be prone to compassion and feel a deep empathy.


A nose big reveals a concern for the economic well-being and a trend to collect. A chin proportional displays a character driven, logical approach to life and confidence in oneself. The incisors sticking out a little to indicate that in childhood this person had to overcome the shyness. The shape of your lips denotes ability to persuade and the ability to focus on practical activities.

Who do you attract these people?

The people are pretty pragmatic, “worldly”, and calculator, in the good sense of the word. At the same time, you are very kind, cheerful and sociable. You’re not going to give in front of the people around you because you possess a sufficient force of will, and in any situation you’ll find how to feel comfortable with your behavior.


A person with this type of face is kind, gentle, and peaceful. Love the comfort, good company and not looking for fame. A chin large and well defined reveals self-confidence and physical endurance. The “folds of the joker” around the mouth denoted an eloquence natural and sociability. The eyebrows short indicate something of madness in his character.

Who do you attract these people?

Here, that “like attracts like”. You are cheerful, kind, and peaceful. What is more likely is that you are a friendly person and sociable, as well as have good communication skills. But it is also possible to another option: if you’re shy and little communicative, then maybe you seek the warmth of the soul and why did you feel attracted by this image.

Do you match your results with the reality?

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