Choose how organizarías your egg carton and we’ll tell you what is your strong point

Psychology can say much about the skills, the talents and the character of a person according to how the objects are positioned in space. For this there is a whole section: psicogeometría. has prepared a test for you that will help you discover your strong point. You will need only a minute to remind you of your daily habits.

Imagine that you have 4 eggs in the box. How the organizarías?

Option To

Your strength is the creativity. You have a lot of ideas, so that you can’t sit in one place for a long time and work where you feel bored. Perform 15 tasks at the same time and be the center of attention of colleagues and family members describe you perfectly.

You see the essence of things, you can simplify, cut what does not serve and to create harmony around you. The brightness of your personality attracts admiring glances, warrants the interest and attention of several people. Appreciates and develops your strong point, the world should see it!

Option B

Your strength is logic and analytical mind, you are an organizer nato. Your features invaluable are: industriousness, thoroughness, and perseverance. And this helps to create a harmonious built from a large number of tasks.

An analytical mindset will turn you into an excellent leader or manager. To achieve success quickly and stop when you try to gather more and more information. Just lean on your amazing and unique mental power and will achieve any goal.

Option C

Your strength is the flexibility. You as the nobody you are able to maneuver in the midst of difficulties, to learn new things and grow, creating a beautiful world around you. Now in your life there is a period of transition. After him, I expected a new stage in your career, in your personal life and in your relationships.

The flexibility of mind will allow you to emerge victorious from it all. Use your skills and spirit methodical combining them with curiosity and openness to everything new, and no one will win in business.

Option D

Your strength is the perseverance and the decision. The leadership skills and the ability to quickly analyze the situation and make decisions will help you reach any height professional. People are drawn to you, admire your ability to keep the point of focus and move forward regardless of anything.

The ability to see profitable ideas to a kilometer of distance, combined with the confidence in yourself and take decisions fast, you will get everything you want. For you the main thing is to put ambitious targets.

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