#ElJuicioUnocero ⚖: The good and not so good external batteries

One of the great inventions that have arisen (after smartphones) are the external battery, also known as a power bank, that help people who are outside of their homes most of the time.

So are the new batteries of the future for smartphones Huawei

The central idea of these devices is to facilitate the life of users in a matter of the load of their cell phones, because they do not have to be in front of or to one side of a contact to be able to have the full stack, but not always, they are so useful, and then show them why.

The good thing about the external battery

Extremely accessible

Nowadays, it is common to go to a mall and find hundreds of external battery, because there are a huge variety of them, so when a person see the need of buying one, you will know that you can always find it in any site and at an affordable price that will not affect your pocket.

Are fast load

One of the greatest advantages that have the power bank, is to provide you with the necessary energy to the battery of the mobile phone when you need it most, because instead of waiting for several hours to complete, will only have to do it by a single hour or even a couple of minutes.

This is beneficial for those who must have 100 your cell phone, as more than an entertainment, it is a tool working with which they communicate with their team and conduct their relevant activities.

Easy refill

Another of the strong points of this gadget, is the ease with which it can recharge, since you can practically do anywhere, since the contacts of a house, the PC or laptop in the office, until a car, because most of them have USB ports in which you can connect.


For users who wish to be carrying a power bank to all places they go, the ones that are small and lightweight are the perfect choice, because this way they save the be saddled with various cables and devices that make it more tedious loading procedure.

Simultaneous uploads

The fact that you can charge multiple devices on the same external battery, makes it a great tool, because if a port does fail, there are other two or three that can perform the same function, or if this is not the case and everything works perfectly, it is always good to have the opportunity to charge several gadgets at the same time.

The not so good of the external battery

Damage to the battery of the smartphone

One of the main disadvantages that have external batteries, is that if used every day and in many hours of the day, you can spoil the phone’s battery that it is charging, because it creates a relationship codependent that make you weak and fragile to the latter.


The heat from the power bak, makes them extremely sensitive when they are left on surfaces robust or soft, such as beds or couches, because they do not have enough space to emanarlo, so if you leave them, the more likely it is to overheat , and then you go shortening the time of utility.


Previously it was mentioned that a person can acquire an external battery in a shopping center, but in a given case that are not acquired in places like these or authorized service centers, it is possible to be a pirate and, therefore, do not serve for too much time so that after a certain period, will lead to more expenses as you should have.


One of the disadvantages that make it weak to external batteries, is that, in their majority, are not resistant to all type of elements, such as water and dust, which is detrimental to those users that are moving on land which have this type of conditions or tend to be distracted and don’t always take care of their electronic devices.

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