Elon Musk dismisses the 9% of the workforce of Tesla in order to reorganize the company

Before difficult times, difficult decisions. Elon Musk has just announced that it will cut the workforce of Tesla in a 9%, meaning that more than 3,400 employees of the company of electric cars will have to leave his post.

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Ironically, the ad that did the same Elon Musk with a letter disseminated on his Twitter account, comes a day on which the shares of Tesla on Wall Street recorded an advance of 3.21% for a positive effect caused by the announcement in August that it will come a version V9 of its electric cars, the first of its repertoire.

Musk attributed the mass layoff to the rapid growth of his company, which has meant that many of its employees “double features”, so now they will seek to maximize the workers and to optimize investments.

Tesla currently has the 37.543 employees according to what is stated in its latest report of economic balance sheet and annual financial.

In the letter, Musk ensures that the movement does not aim to obtain profit, but efficient productivity. “Tesla has never had an annual profit in the nearly 15 years since there (indicating) the profit is not what motivates us, but the change towards a world which is move-based sustainable energy and clean we can achieve our goal [the transition to a clean energy] unless we can demonstrate that we are sustainable”.

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“I also want to emphasize that we are taking this decision now so that you never have to do it,” wrote Musk, while added that it will be in the course of this week that shall be notified to the dismissed and adds that the determination will be resolved, “evaluating the criticality of each position, if certain jobs could be done more efficiently and productively”. In addition, they were considered “skills and specific skills of each individual.”

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