“In any situation remains photogenic” is the motto of these guys

Not everyone has that talent out great in the photos. Especially, when the camera is at the moment less appropriate.

Great.guru gathered for you many people and animals that look gorgeous in the photos, despite everything. At the end of the article is waiting for you a bonus: for all those who can not boast this talent.

Photogenic. Level: god

A protester German very photogenic and police

This guy looks as if he had received a prize in sports and now were celebrating

This girl does not know what is a bad angle

This goat is brilliant and he seems to know

This guy is running the marathon, but it looks as if he were parading down the red carpet

Have you ever had seen a fish cat photogenic? Now, yes.

The american football player Cam McDaniel

It seems that this seal has become accustomed to the flashes of cameras

How to pose during a fight? It’s easy!

Oh that smile!

I would have liked to have a photo as well on the passport!

The mixed martial arts fighter Ian McCall

This dog knows how to pose!

In any strange situation is still photogenic

A race with obstacles is not an obstacle for a photo great

This gecko looks as if he were starring in a video of some sad song

This guy knows how to take a position efficiently

Hello, beautiful! How are you?

While some love to pose, others are photogenic without having to work

Bonus: if you can’t brag photos just as fantastic in this selection, here will a squirrel sneezes

And this is what is behind the great photos

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