In these photos there isn’t a single stroke of Photoshop, although it may be hard to believe

The amazing things of these images are not the fruit of a long work turning to programs of retouching and photo effects. If you’ve never seen a dog Cheshire or a carpet that not all dare to tread, it is time to contemplate in this article. collected a series of photos of users who were lucky enough to click the shutter button of the camera in the right place and at the right time.

“Due to the fact that the photograph is overexposed, it seems that the head of my dog was left floating in the air”

A gecko trapped in amber makes 54 million years ago

“I photographed my daughter in a tunnel, and the background seems to be an effect of poor quality of Photoshop”

The sunlight reflected in the glass of the aquarium

Zero Photoshop. Simply, a heavy snowfall and a off-road vehicle background, standing behind the temple

Apples of the variety “pink pearl”

Due to the rain on the mosquito net, the landscape behind the window became a painting

A carpet that few dare to tread

“My friends and I had fun with the cigarette smoke and soap bubbles I Managed to take this picture!”

Hundreds of birds on the trees covered of snow during the night

“I managed to photograph a snowflake on the lashes of my daughter”

The tree of life in south Africa. You have 2000 years

Just rotate the image 90 degrees, it seems to exit the film The origin

“This rose grew in my garden”

The rainbow and lightning, at the same time

Bonus: there is no Photoshop effect, the father and his daughter, actually, have the hair as well

And you, have you ever managed to make images that seemed to be processed and treated for a long time for a photo retouching program?

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