On film sets happen a lot of interesting things and here are 15 real stories to prove it

Shooting a feature film is a creative process and does not cease to give surprises. During the preparation of the film, the film crew doing tricks unusual to make a reality of what’s being proposed.

Great.guru has found 15 stories to open the rear door of famous movies.

  • The protagonist of the film “Twilight” Robert Pattinson got both in the character of the vampire who once fought with another customer in a bar in New York city he was bitten by the neck. The man was so surprised by this fact even sued the actor.
  • Also for a long period of time, another actor could not get out of the paper. After the shooting of the film “Zombieland”, Woody Harrelson fought with a photographer who tried to take a couple of pictures in New York airport, La Guardia. As confessed by the own actor, he took on a paparazzi annoyed by zombie.
  • To realistically represent the sound of a horse chewing on the cartoon “Toy Story”, the sound engineers untaron the face of the apprentice with peanut butter. He was then taken to the field where he grazed the cows. The sound of the cow licking the butter became the basis of the sound system.
  • During the filming of Star Trek, Zachary Quinto, who played the role of Spock, I couldn’t bend the fingers properly to perform the greeting vulcaniano. In the end, the director J. J. Abrams suggested that the actor will stick your fingers right next to each other to make this gesture of welcome.
  • When the Nazgûl, the ringwraiths in the movie “the lord of The rings”, they attack, the only thing that listens to the victim before death is a terrible squeal. The sound engineer thought for a long time how I could get a sound similar. So they thought of mixing the cry of Fran Walsh, the wife of Peter Jackson, with a squeal of a pig and a horse’s whinny . The desired sound was generated and recorded.
  • To make the film “E. T., the extraterrestrial” for a long time could not get to create the face of the alien, because according to the idea of Steven Spielberg I had to be a plant-creature, anthropomorphic, regardless of gender. It was then decided to create a face of alien based in the snout of a pug with the features of Albert Einstein and poet Carl Sandburg.
  • During the filming of the movie “Zodiac” Robert Downey Jr. I was upset with the tight schedule of filming and the absence of breaks long. The actor, best known for his outrageous behavior, he decided to express his protest by placing jars with his own urine all over the set.
  • In preparation for the role in the film “Dad forever”, Robin Williams decided to see how credible was his character. To become a nanny English, was to a bookstore where the actor not only was not recognized, but even they doubted that it was a middle-aged woman.
  • The filming of the movie “Lost” had to be stopped for 4 days because of that Ben Affleck refused to wear a cap that said “Yankees” (baseball club of New York), as it is in Boston and is a fan of the team, “Red Sox”. And these teams are fierce rivals. After the negotiations came to a compromise and Affleck appeared in the film in the unifirme of the club “New York Mets”.
  • After reading the script of “X-Men: Days of future past,” Hugh Jackman was asked to make changes in the scene in which he awakens in his underwear in bed with a girl. He said that in Australia it is customary to wake up without clothes at the side of a pretty girl.
  • As it was intended by the screenwriter of the movie “The satanic Dr. No”, the tarantula deadly he had to crawl across the bare hand of the agent 007. But because Sean Connery was afraid of him, and put a glass on his hand. The idea was not successful, as the glass was visible. Then they called the double risk, then admitted it was the scene most dangerous of his career.
  • To represent the mimicry of a real deer, the creators of the cartoon “Frozen: An adventure frozen”, were not only in a research expedition to Norway, but also brought a deer into his office. When they saw that the deer had not demonstrated emotions uttered, all the gestures of the deer had to be drawn on the basis of the observation of the dog of John Lasseter, the founder of the studio Pixar.
  • Before the shooting of the film “Rescuing the soldier Ryan” many of the actors underwent a course of combat training of 10 days under the direction of a veteran of the marine corps. However, Matt Damon was (intentionally of training for other actors to feel hatred for his character.
  • To create images realistic in the movie “Interview with the vampire”, before you start shooting hung during a time face down to Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt, having swollen veins in the face and reddened eyes.
  • In the movie “Back to the future III” there was a scene in which Marty McFly was hanging with a rope. To achieve greater realism, Michael J. Fox, the interpreter of the role, they put a rope right on your neck. They explained to him what to do to avoid squeezing. But during the filming, the rope slipped and the actor fainted. The film crew did not understand immediately what had happened, thinking that Michael was only doing his role. Christopher Lloyd suspected that had something wrong and saved the actor.

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