In Russia came the first agency modeling where 90-60-90 is the age of models

Photographer from Omsk Igor Gavar is the founder of the first modeling agency “great” in Russia, OLDUSHKA, which in a year and a half of existence opened four branches at different cities.

In we don’t stop to admire the beauty and elegance of the characters in our selection, and we can’t choose who of them would be our number 1. What do you think?

Nina, age 75

Irina Denisova, 80 years

Irina Belysheva, 70 years

Sergei Arktika, 45 years

Tatyana Neklyudova, 61 years

Olga Kondrasheva, 71 years

Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 years

Valentina Yasen, 63 years

Ivan Petkov, 53 years

Valeria, 79 years

Galina, 69 years

Lyudmina Brazhkina, 63 years

Sergei Arktika and Valentina Yasen

Models “of age” pose for the fashion magazines come out in commercial and personal projects as if they had done during the whole life, but it is not so. Many of them came to the modeling only when they retired. Do you think you took a right decision? What do you think of these lovely people?

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