¡Epic fail!: you are going to pay 30 thousand pesos for the new iPhone, but without a charger fast charging

Oh not again Apple, please! A year ago with the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Apple premiered by the end, the quick charge on their phones, but surprise surprise, not included charger, fast charging, and if you wanted to enjoy this technology had to buy it separately, because this is a very common practice at Apple.

Because we all thought that for the launch of these new iPhone everything would be different, but it seems not to be so. According to the specialized medium, GSMArena, the new iPhone does not include charger, fast charging, because the one that comes in the box is the traditional 5W.

Do you want to quick charge on your iPhone Xs Max 35 thousand pesos? Then purchase a charger for it. I think that for the price of the iPhone, since the iPhone Xr should include a charger fast charge in the box, and not force the user to buy another, or use one of the iPad.

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This is the “good news”, if you have an iPad you can use the charger from 12W to charge your iPhone quickly, but if you don’t have an iPad, then you have to buy the charger, or put up with the urge to try it.

And is that what is surprising is that almost all of the Android with fast charging include a charger fast charge in the box, so that the people do not need to buy a charger additional to use this technology, because the point of putting it on the phone is to enjoy your users, but for what you put it.

In the end, if something should learning the carriers to Apple is that if you want to become a company with a value of one thousand millions of dollars, you gotta get to sell everything you can sell, and if the people are going to keep buying chargers that you should include in the box, so why you would no longer earn money for that.

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