Errors unfortunate remodeling that cause the urge to cry in all the owners

More than 260 thousand owners of 11 countries admitted that the greatest problem of the reforms at home is to stay within the confines of the budget: at least 1 of every 3 people exceeds considerably the expenses initially planned. So you have to learn new skills and to master the science of “transformation of the home” by your own account. In order not to spend large sums in the reconstruction of your house, it is best to know what are the most frequent errors of the repairers beginners.

In , we have studied the most frequent errors committed at the time of making a reform in the home, as well as the ways of avoiding it.

1. Photo before you finish fixing the walls

Before covering the wiring unsightly in the walls with a decorative finish, it is worth taking a picture to know where to pass the cables and, thus, to avoid damaging them when you hang shelves or fix furniture.

2. Location of the switch

If you put the switch too high, the children will have to jump to turn on the light, and if you put the hinge side of the door, you’ll have to look for it in the dark. Optimum position: to the side of the handle of the door, at a height of 75-90 cm In the bedroom is better to put 2 switches: one at the entrance of the room and another to the side of the bed. That way, before you go to bed, you will not have to get up to turn the light off. Follow the same principle by wiring a long hallway: 2 switches will reduce the amount of trips unnecessary by the department.

3. Floor with relief

When you choose a flooring, it is difficult to resist the charm of the settings with texture: parquet or laminated bevel, tiles, rough-in, linoleum print, wood embossing, among others. In fact, each roughness accumulates dirt very difficult to clean. You will need much more time to remove the dust in a house with a floor as well.

4. Soil too light or dark

Floor white or black: these hues guarantee that, immediately after the reconstruction, you will need to clean them much more frequently. They are the perfect background to notice the dirt. It is best to choose a coating color medium gray, on which the dust will not be as noticeable.

5. Soundproofing

The sewer pipes of plastic have a major drawback: they make any sound sounds too strong, and tell everything what your neighbors in the bathroom and in the shower. It’s best to wrap such pipes with a material that absorbs the noise.

6. Wood in the kitchen

The parquet and the laminate flooring is found in the black list of flooring for the kitchen. Memories of a soup shed will remain forever in them, and then will begin to disperse at the seams. It is better to give preference to the linoleum smooth, porcelain tile, or make a floor of granite.

7. Gypsum board ceiling in the bathroom

Even a plate of plaster, moisture resistant will not protect the renovated bathroom of the neighbors above. Meanwhile, the roof bracing will save all the department of a flood: the water will stay below it and not spread throughout the house.

8. Timer for floor heating

The heated floors are nice and cosy. The best options are those that bring timer: in the morning you don’t have to wait very long for it to warm up. In addition, a floor heating in the bathroom and in the shower room prevents the appearance of mold.

9. Edges of the tub

In the joints of the tub with the wall it is better to do inclined edges. If you leave a space, all the water will spill down to the floor. If you just cover those spots with silicone, the fluid will stagnate in the corners. When it penetrates into cracks almost invisible, the moisture can cause mold or mildew.

10. Tilt the tub

If the tub has a flat bottom, it is necessary to install it with a slight tilt toward the drain. For good drainage will suffice to tilt it only 3-5 °. If installed horizontally, the water will stagnate and you will have to remove it by hand.

11. Handles sharp

You should dispense with even the door handles, the most beautiful elements with sharp on the design. Can cause injury and, in addition, they tend to snag on the loose edges of the clothing. When choosing this accessory, it is best to focus on models with soft lines and rounded.

12. Materials are “false”

The finishes of artificial materials that mimic the authentic look of economic, inappropriate, and simply overload the interior. It is difficult to deceive the eye: a person will easily find a repeating pattern, and you will feel tired of the ornament obsessive. Instead of tiles “marble”, you can choose a beautiful smooth lining, as well as tiles with a picture neutral.

13. Joints of wall-paper from walls

If the wall is perfectly smooth, you can choose a wall-paper fine. It is very important that you paste from the window into the interior of the room. Then, the light will fall on the edge of the top sheet and prevent shadows on the unions. If the room has uneven walls, it is best to choose a wall-paper with embossed, with cells large or with a drawing dense.

What tricks you turn to when making a reform in your home?

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