Is it morally acceptable to use AI to enhance the game?

The artificial intelligence (AI) offers a myriad of positive uses for society and for people in general, but there are cases in which the use of these modern technologies is considered questionable.

The Guardian has published an article about the use that the bookies make the AI to keep you hooked to the players, which has shed some light on a subject that can create an intense debate on morality in the gaming industry.

The case is that it is normal for businesses to make use of the technology to maximize its benefits. Shopping online use practices such as remarketing to sell more; platforms online use the information about the users to provide targeted advertising; and casinos and sportsbooks online use the AI and the behavior of the players to win money.

While the first two examples may seem morally correct for the majority of the people, the latter is probably not, and this is probably due to the fact that, in the gaming industry, the profits of the companies are directly related to the loss of users. In addition, the problems with the game they can get to ruin the lives of people.

How to use the betting houses the AI and the user information to maximize their profits?

What bonuses do you offer?

A good example of the use of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry to be found in the bonuses offered to the players. The casinos and bookmakers online offer a wide range of bonuses designed to encourage them to create an account, deposit money and place bets or play casino games.

It all begins with the casino bonuses that are offered to players when they open an account. Can receive something for free (what is known as a no deposit bonus) or make your first deposit (known as a deposit bonus). These bonuses are the same for all players (or at least for all the players of a same country), as the large bookmakers online can offer different deals depending on the country.

When the players are already registered, the bonds cease to be the same for all of them, because the houses adapt to their behavior. Let’s look at some examples. Imagine that a casino online has three players:

  1. A typical user that plays for fun and that you deposit a certain amount of money each week

  2. A user who does not usually make deposits, but that gets hooked easily after playing a couple of rounds

  3. A user who does not wish to deposit their own money, but that you just do so if you are offered a good deal

It would be understandable that the casino does not offer anything to the first player, since you will end up playing anyway. The second player seems to respond positively to a no deposit bonus or a spins for free that can hook onto and increase the probability that you end up entering money. The third player will surely be decanted for a good deposit bonus that the casino would try to take advantage.

It is evident that the casinos and bookmakers can make use of any information obtained from the players. Collect data on the behavior of the users and use the AI to decide what to do with that information.

Far beyond

As explained in the article of The Guardian, “it analyzes every click to optimize the benefits, not to improve the” user experience”. This is not only bond, but of everything that players do and fail to do.

The article recounts the testimony of Brian, head of digital marketing in the game industry, who said that “it’s like a science: there are simple ads random, but it is a custom activity; the users’ profiles are constructed from the data obtained with the behavior of the players.”

So, as you will often hear in the film, “everything you say or do may be used against you”. That is why it is important for the players to play responsibly, they do not fall into the traps that they tend gambling operators to post and seek help as they feel that they need it.

In the end, these practices morally questionable use against the players, so that maybe the smart thing is to stay away from the game.

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