It’s official, the dark mode will come very soon to Android

The dark mode has become fashionable in the last few weeks, Apple finally decided to premiere in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, and although Android has been implemented in several of the Developer Preview of Android Oreo, it has not been officially released in the final version, until now.

And is that has been an engineer of Google has confirmed to Android Police that the dark mode will come to Android very soon, probably in Android P, so that the users will be able to activate it quickly and easily from the menu of quick settings.

It is likely that in time this function is exclusive of the Google Pixel, because we must not forget that Google has separated some of the functions of the interface to integrate them directly into the Pixel Launcher, an example of this is the gesture navigation, and everything seems to indicate that dark mode will be another function of the list, so that it will not come to all Android users.

Google releases Android P and these are just some of its new products

Any way, some companies are already integrating the dark mode in its layers of customization, and there are other launchers that do the same, so that there are options available for everyone.

Well, Google has finally marked as completed the task of adding dark mode natively to Android, that was one of the aspects that users were asked to cries, so that will have to wait for the final version of Android P.

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