It’s official! PlayStation confirms death of PS Vita

About 7 years ago, Sony surprised everyone with the launch of its portable console PS Vita, which was designed to compete directly with Nintendo 3DS. However, despite the fact that thousands of fans took the most of it, it seems that now the end has come to the PS Vita.

The evidence of this unfortunate news was in February when Sony said that he had in mind to remove the entire catalog of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita from the PlayStation Store. In reality, it was something that was coming, as the portable console was already very short in relation to everything that was announced for the PlayStation 4 and its variants, of course.

Through a conversation on Twitter, was that the official account of PlayStation confirmed the painful death of PS Vita. It all started with the complaint from a user named @portadictos, who said to Sony that in any place I could find the console.

The company responded that they came directly to the account of the PlayStation, and, without tempting the heart, the official account said: “Hi! Effectively it is discontinued, yes.

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However, the account that announced the withdrawal of the PS Vita has a headquarters in Spain, so it is not yet clear if it will also disappear in other parts of the world. We are not surprised, because his death was already something expected. It was only a matter of time to know when would be the death official of the portable console.

It is likely that it can still be find a PS Vita console, but in the second hand market…

PS Vita was not any console, so we have to fire you for being a champion. Good luck in your journey to the cemetery! We will miss you…

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