This girl managed to beat alopecia and now, his tips help all those who dream of having a long hair

The “Rapunzel Russian“ Anastasiya Sidorova works of tricóloga and helps thousands of girls to grow a hair of luxury. She shares tips for caring for hair in your profile Instagram , and your example demonstrates that even the diagnosis of ”alopecia” is a sentence of life in prison.

In we were inspired by the beauty of this girl, so we invite you to get to know her up close.

At 18 years of age to Anastasiya it started to drop the hair and after the diagnosis “androgenic alopecia” the girl began to restore it.

The result 5 years later is impressive: thick hair below the waist, a contract with Pantene and almost 350 thousand fans on Instagram.

The disease, he helped Anastasiya to find their vocation: now she is tricóloga and cosmetologist, to which the people look for expecting to have a mane of luxury.

With his own example that the girl has been shown that in the care of the hair it is important to follow a routine.

Anastasiya Sidorova advised to all women who dream of having long hair:

  • Take a balanced diet, and forget about diets.
  • To avoid the stress.
  • Select the appropriate care for your hair type.
  • Use masks nutritious at least two times per week.
  • Apply all kinds of oils. One of the best products for the treatment of hair is avocado oil.
  • Cut the split ends.
  • Wash the hair consistently and learn how to dry it correctly (must first be dry naturally by approximately 60 percent and only after that you can dry it with a dryer and comb).
  • If the hair loss exceeds the norm (approximately 50-100 hairs a day), you must go to a professional that will help you with the treatment.

We are not surprised that Anastasiya has achieved successes in this area. You’ll agree: a specialist who with their own example verifies the effectiveness of his advice deserves all confidence.

Although the girl is not only popular among people who want to grow long hair, but also among those who value the beauty of women. Because their portraits, impress with subtlety and elegance.

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