This is the reason why Instagram and Snapchat turned it off GIFs

Recently, Instagram and Snapchat they added to their social networking platform Giphy, so that users could have more fun with their publications integrating images with movement. So far, everything had been a success, but a GIF was reason enough for the social network decided to disable this tool.

An image with a movement called “nigger crime death counter” or “counter deaths associated with criminal negroes”, was the reason for Instagram and Snapchat decided to remove that option from their social networks. In the GIF it appears the drawing of a white man telling a monkey to follow by turning a crank, because “the number continues to grow!”

Techcrunch was the one who reported the deactivation of GIFs after that a user named Lyauna Augmon reported that putting “crime”in the searches, it appeared that racist content.

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Giphy has gained great relevance in the social networks and in the Internet, platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram decided to integrate its catalog of GIFs to complement the basic functions of your applications. However, it is likely that Giphy still need to set more restrictions so that users can enjoy the contents without controversies racial.

The GIF is racist is not already available on the platform; however, Instagram, and Snapchat will continue without Gipgy to the web site to analyze and correct some aspects of their service.

The policies of Snapchat and Instagram to explain that the GIF files in this social network have to be rated “for all audiences”. The GIF in question included an insult and racial towards the afro-descendent community.

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Do you think that Instagram and Snapchat made the right decision?

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