This is the wisdom that every mother wants to share

Becoming a parent is the happiest moment of the life. But it can also be far more distressing: insomnia, full of pee and vomit… In synthesis, a life completely disastrous. In decided to share our own wisdom and motherly and the other moms of the networks. At the end of the article, you’ll find the golden rule that all parents should follow.

11. Eat like a baby is not a game… it is something serious

10. Sometimes, the bedtime becomes a battle field

9. Simply go to the bathroom is now the most important task on your agenda

8. Breastfeeding in public is a task, but often just have to give in

7. A nap during the day is certainly the most quiet of all

6. There will be a time you will want to hide from all of them and just eat chocolate

5. With time, you master all kinds of maneuvers while traveling. If there is an easier way to do this, please share the secret

4. When breast-feeding is something unnatural to the others… it Olvídalos!

3. The laundry will become a task of every day… no, sorry, every time

2. The bathroom will also become a field of battle

1. For mothers and fathers who work from home: always close that door please. Always!

Lean yourself and priorízate. It’s a mom and a dad happy equals a happy child!

Motherhood is without a doubt the happiest moment of your life, but it is also the most difficult. Share your stories in the comments to support each other with other parents during these times so special.

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