This photographer is japanese and takes pictures every year of these two twins from Iceland to show their transformation from girls to teens

Once in Iceland, in the casting of the photographer japanese Ariko Inaoka appeared two amazing twins: Erna and Hrefna. Now, Ariko visit each year to take new pictures, which show its gradual transformation from girls to teens. has chosen the most stunning pictures of these two girls are worthy of admiration as if they were slightly marred in a nebula soft.

This resident of New York, the japanese Ariko Ionaoka, went to Iceland to shoot landscapes. It ensures that this country attracted by its resemblance to his native Kyoto: “Here the light is just as soft, as if you were observing the world through a thin rice paper”. In parallel, to earn some money, he began doing photo sessions for a fashion catalog. A friend of the photographer saw the twins in the pool and invited to the casting. Then, they had 6 years.

The session ended and Ariko went, but never stopped to think of Erna and Hrefna, since they seemed a symbol of Iceland and its beautiful landscapes. In 2009, when the girls were already 9 years, he returned to Reykjavik to return to make photographs. Ariko, from long ago, is keen for the phenomenon of twins and was convinced that the camera can convey that which cannot be perceived by our eyes.

“I thought: how would be these twins when they turn 17 years?”, ensures Ariko. Thus was born the project Twins. The photographer wanted to capture, with the help of their images, the physical and psychological changes that it entails the maturity and understanding of the special relationship between the twins. Every year, in the summer, you visit Iceland to see how they have grown both.

Erna and Hrefna are always together, almost never fight, and even see the same dreams. According to Inaoka, there is almost a telephatic connection between the two, I had never seen before between two human beings. Both are dedicated to ballet and this ability to manage your own body helps to pose naturally in front of the camera and participate in any initiative of the photographer.

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