This illustrator draws situations that many girls will understand

The artist Selina Santos, north of Mexico, is the one who gives life to Chichitas almond. She is a girl with great talent, artistic and humorous, it creates the comics more fun and successful that describe the situations that are daily living the girls. When he’s not drawing, he works in the area of business Communication.

For his comics are inspired by the things that happen every day and expresses them through his passion: drawing. In the majority of them have anecdotes of his life, one in particular that you remember in a special way is the one that speaks of the identity crisis that happens to your hair. Loves cats, in fact you have 8 in your home, and not because what you have decided. It seems that you have a heart-cat giant who will not allow you to stop in the street to any kitten. obtained the permission of the author to present some of their works. In his official account of Facebook you will find many more that can easily be the story of any of your days. Get ready to laugh a lot more with the last drawing!

Who doesn’t want a girlfriend as well?

My life every weekend

At the time of taking decisions

My story with the kittens. I think I need a bigger house

We all have a friend like

To all happens to us

Really makes you want to yell at you 🙂

Google will always be to help

When you have to learn how to talk diplomatically

You’re going to be more cool, you said…

At the time of dressing…

My life in a story

When your hair has a personality independent…

When it comes to sharing, I…

How did you feel identified in at least one of the comics? Please leave us your comments and tell us those funny stories that only girls understand!

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