This girl british 3 years exceeded Einstein and Hawking in iq

Ophelia Morgan-Dew is a little girl of three years, which has made the test for Mensa, a society that specializes in measuring the iq of people and aglutinarlos in a kind of club of the most intelligent on the planet. The test applied by the famous company lasts two hours and you have to answer 40 items of multiple choice. Each reagent proposes to solve a logic problem. Appear drawings of circles, circles with vertical stripes, with horizontal stripes, with stripes on diagonal and it is that which makes the exam is the next drawing in the sequence.

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The girl barely three years old is the youngest to date, have been accepted in this society, the gifted, and yes, it is to some extent surprising because many of the questions to solve require a lot of logic and capacity to be able to understand the sequence of figures which appear.

171 points of IQ is greater than that of Einstein, although the reality is that the physical more important of the last century never did such a test. However, he is credited with about 160 points, which put him well above the scores that are supposedly of very smart people, which begins in 132. A normal person has about 100 points of IQ.

The mother of the creature, Natalie Morgan, has said: “he Started to say colours, letters and numbers very soon, in comparison with the majority of the children”. He says, however, that not aware of the wonder that was until the girl went to the nursery and then to a psychologist gifted children.

The parents of the little say that he spoke his first word at 8 months and he is able to remember events that happened before the year. However, his parents do not want to be displayed to the child as freak: “He likes to run around, play with their cousins, jumping on mats… normal Things in a girl at that age”, but then clarified: “it Seems that it understands and assimilates everything much faster than normal. It is like talking to a person of 19 years.”

Unfortunately these stories of small gifted are, on the one hand, very attractive to the public, but not as much as those who write them, forget or don’t know that iq was a measure which was invented to limit the entry of immigrants to the united States. Stephen Jay Gould explains with any precision in his book “The mismeasure of Man” where he investigates “the abstraction of intelligence as a single entity, its location exclusive in the brain, its quantification for each person and the use of these numbers to order people on a scale of value, to invariably discover that racial groups, social classes or sexes oppressed and disadvantaged are innately inferior and deserve their status”.

Put another way, the intelligence quotient, (IQ, for its acronym in English), entered the popular imagination as a measure of intelligence, but clearly does not have evidence that this is a measure that effectively shows the degree of intelligence of a person. In that same imaginary, to the great characters of history, literature, science, and even in some sports and activities such as chess, they are assigned scores of IQ that are false, simply because the characters referred to have not done such a test.

Therefore, we must understand that intelligence is something much more subtle and difficult to measure in a single number. If the small Ophelia can solve a test like the Mensa, we are probably facing a case of a girl with the facilities amazing, particularly for certain types of topics such as logic, but from there to think that we are before a new Einstein is nonsense. While the iq is a measure that has been adopted popularly to indicate if someone is smart and -in addition – as long as we believe that a number is a measurement of intelligence, as we are going the wrong way. and Partners.

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