This controversial application wants espíes to your contacts from WhatsApp

The technological advancement has completely revolutionized the way we communicate; we can now talk to whoever we want at any time through instant messaging applications. WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications at the global level, so any situation related to the interface is of great relevance to its millions of members.

Interpersonal relationships have had to adapt to the new technologies, whose aim is to bring those who are far away, but indirectly have generated an obsession with wanting to be all the time connected.

With WhatsApp and other platforms, there arise questions such as the following: “why my boyfriend(a) is connected to in the morning?”, “Who will be talking my partner?”, “If I left you with two doves blue, does that mean you hate me?”, among other issues that, far from solving or reassuring to any person, makes you feel insecure.

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To solve this type of questions, in the style of Black Mirror, a new application came to light: ChatWatch. If that wasn’t enough insanity in humanity, this discussion platform has as its primary function spy contacts WhatsApp automatically because it includes Artificial Intelligence.

How does it work?

ChatWatch controls the hours of connections of our contacts on WhatsApp to find out their hours of sleep, for example. That may not be enough reason to make our brain explode, but what is really overwhelming is that this application is capable of checking the connection between users to try to guess if a contact talks to another (we insist that, far from reassuring anyone, this app just promotes the obsession and the madness).

With its Artificial Intelligence, this application displays a count of the hours that users have been connecting, but not showing the absolute truth… there are many users who have downloaded to monitor what your friends or couples.

Became available for Android and iOS, but Apple and Google decided to remove the application to not promote the invasion of privacy; however, ChatWatch published in its web portal that will soon be available from the desktop to not have that be a part of these companies.

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What do you think of this application?

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