This theory of Infinity War between Thanos and Tony Stark is going to overwhelm

The rage for the release of Infinity War is already concluded and now we are in the stage of tense calm that marks the wait for the sequel. Theories, leaks, rumors, previews and spoilers leading the way until may 2019, when it has scheduled the premiere of Avengers 4, but there is one that by now has stood out from the others, one involving Thanos and Tony Stark and it’s better that you feel to read.

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As told colleagues of Chilango, when Tony is with part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spidey and Dr. Strange in Titan, it happens something very interesting: Thanos called by his name to Iron Man, he says he knows who he is and that is not the only one with the “curse of knowledge”. How do you know so much of it?

In addition, in a part of the film, Tony mentions that it takes 6 years thinking about the villain, intergalactic, from the invasion of Chitauri in New York. Perhaps Iron Man knew that Thanos was the hand behind all the attacks?

Now comes the good thing. According to those who created this theory… oh, TONY STARK WOULD have ALREADY USED THE GAUNTLET OF INFINITY! Hence would come his mysterious relationship.

Good, but if you feel overwhelmed, just wait because it gets worse.

Remember that we told you that there was a leak of images from the filming of Avengers 4. In the pictures we can see the recreation of the battle of New York, with a small change: Tony Stark looks old, and is accompanied by… is Ant-Man?

There is confusion between whether the images are indicative of a time travel or a Flashback, but according to those who support this tangled theory, the plan Tony Stark would be done with the Gem of time/Eye of Agamotto and thus to be able to go to the past and alter events so that Thanos never comes to Earth to retrieve the rest of the gems.

And What About Doctor Strange?

With Doctor Strange, there is a detail that would give even more strength to this theory. Remember that you quit VERY easily the Gem of the Time to change the life of Iron Man, just before you check out more than 14 million versions of the future to know the unique combination that the Avengers win. Do they Strange saw that Tony Stark managed to collect all the gems to change the past and so would revive all of them?

This theory of Infinity War is also mentioned that the time line started in Iron Man 1 is actually the future that changed Tony Stark in Avengers 4.

In the case that this data is real, oh, Tony Stark is stuck in a loop of time that does not change! Why? Elementary, my dear Watson, it doesn’t matter what you do Iron Man, because it always comes at the time in which Thanos invades the Earth, and fades to the half of the universe.

We all know that it is just a theory, but that it is interesting to know what creative they get sometimes, not to mention that sometimes even atinan. What do you guys think?

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