The united states was just with net neutrality mandatory

The Federal Communications Commission of U.s. (FCC) has approved after a heated debate to eliminate a regulation of 2015 which forced companies that provide internet to guarantee its neutrality, so that it now opens the door for these same companies can approve restrictions of arbitrary shape, depending on the user and the content, although prior to the adoption of such practices were the exception and not the rule.

With three votes in favor and two against, the FCC has put an end to the policy promoted by the former american president, Barack Obama, to understand that the measures in place posed a “micromanagement” of the network. In the words of the head of the commission, republican Ajit Pai, it is a “light touch”. “You are not going to destroy the internet. You are not going to kill democracy. Is not going to stifle freedom of expression online“, has justified Pai, appointed by the current president of the united states, Donald Trump, in his presentation.

The reform has the backing of companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon and, in change, has received all kinds of criticism from internet companies such as Facebook and Alphabet. “The action does not mark the end of internet as we know it”, has defended the executive vice president of Comcast, David L. Cohen, according to NBC News.

Although it remains to be seen how and to what extent it will apply the last changes, what is certain is that companies now that provide the connection to the internet will have margin to block or slow down users ‘ access or charge more to customers who want access to certain content, although most likely it would be that would be used to charge the companies more bandwidth to use. In that case, the company would possibly be the main injured, Netflix, has been said to be “disappointed” and has predicted a “long legal battle”.

The New York attorney general, democrat Eric Schneiderman, has already announced that, together with other states to contest the vote, the reform, to the extent that it represents a “blow” to consumers and “for anyone who cares a free and open Internet,” reports the Reuters news agency. For the White House, however, it is a necessary change. “The Administration supports the efforts of the FCC and, at the same time, always support a free internet and fair“, has been put forward in the media, the presidential spokesman, Sarah Sanders.

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