United states vs Russia, Who’s more powerful militarily?

The united States has always been a belligerent country. In fact, it is probably that they are the most powerful army in the world and perhaps the country that most funds are granted to the militia each year. And this makes sense if we think as if it were a modern empire. The united States is the second largest electrical energy consumed in the world (China is first), and it is clear that access to energy is fundamental to maintain leadership in many areas. For this reason, when there are conflicts in other countries, if these represent some interest to u.s. imperialism, will not hesitate to intervene.

But to intervene militarily in a country, the united States know that they have the resources. Since then all of this usually occurs in a political environment very unstable and perhaps more unstable than ever, after that in the Second World War, created the most deadly weapon that we know of: the atomic bomb. Imbalances in this geopolitical environment, could lead to a third world war if the leaders of the great powers lose the reason, or decide that what the other power already crossed a certain threshold. From after that on our planet the russians could be the fulcrum to prevent the americans to become the dictators of the world.

But, how powerful is the u.s. military with respect to the Russian? Here are a few numbers to get a perspective of who is who in this area:

Russia spends one 67 billion dollars on its military, while the united States has a budget of about 9 times this number, i.e. 594 thousand million dollars. In fact, it is more that the budget of the militia of the following nine countries that spend in this area).

The russians to the point of presenting the motorcycles flying

  • In terms of number of people, Russia has 845,000 military personnel, from privates up to the highest range. The united States have 1,492,200 people in the military, almost double.
  • There are close to 800 military bases of the united States in other countries, with “only” 174 u.s. military bases in Germany. For 2016, the russians had 12 military bases outside its borders, of which 10 are in what was the Soviet Union. There are two more, one in Syria and another in Vietnam.
  • With respect to nuclear weapons, although the united States and Russia have enough weapons to destroy several times one of the other completely, Russia has 1,735 strategic warheads, with 521 ballistic missiles and bombs for strategic, as well as some 2,700 heads, strategy tactics. It is known that there are approximately 3,200 additional heads that are waiting to be dismantled. The united States has 1,481 nuclear warheads in 741 intercontinental missiles and bombs strategic, as well as 2,500 heads withdrawals that are waiting to be dismantled.

And although on average the numbers seem to be far superior for the united States, the russians compensate for their numerical inferiority with high-tech systems, which have no equivalent in the country of bars and stars. Since 2012, when the united States announced their plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, Russia warned of their response asymmetric to the united States, indicating that it would strengthen its defensive capabilities, including its defense systems for air around Moscow and in its strategic forces, to create a system in which the missile defence would not be an obstacle.

So the things. The numbers can give some perspective, but clearly this is information that is public. It is not very clear many things about the arsenal of each country. So, all this in an atmosphere so tense you can always be a worry while in the background, only the world leaders can end up deciding the lives of all the others.