These 10 ways to manipulate our opinion are used by the media and social networks

Almost 30 years ago a famous brain, Noam Chomsky, described the ways they use the media to manipulate the public opinion. The years went by, it appeared the Internet and social networks, and now this influence is noticed much more than before. It is to be mentioned that not always is positive. compiled the most common ways to use the news to manipulate us.

Divert attention

The favorite method of the media is to divert attention. The very important information is drowned out in a sea of small stories. Internet also not solved this problem, because we always take out of focus images funny, and “life stories”. However, yes there is a way out, always and when you’ll set up good filters in social networks, and we stop paying attention to the news insignificant.

Create a problem out of nothing

A problem artificially created or too exaggerated, it causes a strong reaction in the society. In 2016, came out a publication of NASA, where you indicated that if astrology would have been an exact science, the signs of the zodiac had been moved. For example, Virgo would have become a Leo. Cosmopolitan magazine published the article and presented it as if it were a scientific discovery, stating that 80 percent of the people would have to change its sign. This material was disseminated so rapidly that NASA had to get a clarification, explaining the true essence of the fact.

Present something in a gradual manner

To form the opinion which you seek, is it possible to publish the materials on any topic not immediate, but gradual. So, sometimes it creates needed images of people, phenomena or products. For example, the means of different countries are promoting food products or daily use of certain brands in particular. Perhaps, the most publicized of pressure through the media is that of the popularization of smoking in the mid TWENTIETH century.

Used the strategy of postponement

If you want to adopt unpopular measures, you can present it as “painful but necessary” and to achieve the consent of the people for its implementation in the future. The sacrifice is perceived more easily in the future than at present. Here as an example could serve the referendums of independence of the last few years or the dictatorial regimes of long duration in developing countries, based on the propaganda and authoritarianism.

Treat people as children

It is when the advertising uses the language, acts, symbols, and especially intonation, designed for young children. This tone of communication makes us less critical to perceive the information. Many brands when you come to us we tutean, using the imperative, and also have recourse to the feelings and impulses more basic. While the media used a tone condescending, because you obviously know much more than us.

Trigger more emotions, less reflections

Emotions and the news go hand in hand, but it is not necessarily good. Emotions prevent us from perceiving the facts in an objective way and we block rational analysis. Many times leads to a distorted perception of reality. Just for this, the concept of the “information war” is still in development. News consumers of the world have to be careful not to get wrapped up in them.

Sponsor the ignorance of the people

The state and the media in their interest to have a society that does not understand how to manage it. And the lack of understanding lies in the lack of good education. Chomsky believed that the level of education available to the elite and the that can afford ordinary people are two very different things. However, the years are passing by and our digital age can give us the opportunity of realization regardless of origin. And even more, the level of education already does not influence much on this.

Sponsor the fans to mediocrity in the masses

The media did not stop spreading the message that today is out of fashion: people are stupid, vulgar and maleducada. Hence out shows, presentations, movies, with countless examples of low mood, as well as the press tabloid. This works not only to relax people, but also distracts society’s attention from more important issues.

Increase the guilt

It is the situations in which the media make people, for their lack of wisdom, skills, and effort, think about who is to blame for global disasters and local. We reinforce the thought that we are the ones responsible for the wars, waged by governments. In 2014, a photo of a child lying between the graves of his parents had a viral effect. It was said that it was a picture of some hot spot in the world. But in reality, the image was part of a project dedicated to love in the family and was taken in another country. The author of the picturewas in a state of shock by the way in which he used his work on the Internet.

Get into the life of the people

The media many times try to entererarse of all the details of our lives and, sometimes, they pass all the limits possible. In 2005 the british News of the World was singled out for having done illegal wire-tapping of politicians, celebrities and even members of the royal house of Great Britain. The information received in this way abominable is used to make new and unique articles. Celebrities and ordinary people sued, which led to the closing and in addition they had to pay huge compensation.

What about you do you think about the news viral in the media and social networks? Share your opinion.

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