These 10 signs will tell you if your body suffers due to stress

Sometimes, we feel upset. But if it bothers you something from long ago, constantly, and you can’t find the reason, then you have to pay attention to your health. Possibly it’s all about the stress, because it is not a coincidence that many of the diseases are due to him. chose several symptoms that will tell you if stress is affecting your body, destroying your health.

1. Diseases of the skin

Psoriasis, acne and other skin diseases can appear because of the stress. The scientists conducted a research on a group of students who confirmed the direct connection between high levels of psychological stress and skin problems. The same result gave the experiment in mice. The animals were placed under conditions of psychological stress and it turned out they were more susceptible to skin infections.

2. Variation in the weight

You may have encountered this situation, when you can’t stabilize the weight and with diets, even with the help of exercises.

Due to the strong concerns you can abruptly gain weight. To have often a strong stress, it produces the stress hormone: cortisol. This stimulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and maintains the necessary level of sugar in the blood. If you have too much of this hormone, you will be eager to eat, the body will produce less testosterone, the body will begin to burn less amount of calories and as a result you’ll fatten.

Sometimes the stress and emotional concerns they bring with them a fact opposite: they begin to lose weight much, because of the high amount of adrenaline in the blood, accelerates the metabolism, but reduces the speed of the fatty acids. In addition, the scientists blame the hormone CRH from the stress.

3. Frequent colds

During stress our body produces a hormone called cortisol, which causes inflammation. But if a person has chronic stress, the immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, that emphasizes the inflammatory reaction and the body becomes more vulnerable to colds.

So there is no blame to overcooling and to the air stream, which are only triggers for the body with a weak immune system. If you get sick often, you need to think what really bothers you in life, and tries to exclude it.

4. Gastrointestinal disorders

There are scientific evidences that say that stress has a negative influence on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes the drugs against flatulence do not serve. In this case, the most effective would be to ask for a consultation with the psychologist. The doctor will determine what is the reason of your concerns and will try to help you.

5. Neglect

To the person who has long suffered from stress will find it hard to concentrate on the tasks. If you’ve noticed that lately you’re desantento, possibly you have to reduce the speed and rest a little bit. This is due to the excess of nervous tension.

6. Hair loss

The scientists came to the conclusion that the stress can cause baldness total or partial. If you’ve noticed that during long time your hair started to become a little thinner and with the use of vitamins and special shampoos do not see nungún effect, possibly stress is to blame. That is why you have to stop stress if you want to conserve a hair wonderful.

7. Headaches

Headaches can be caused by several factors: osteochondrosis, incorrect position during sleep, high or low blood pressure, sinusitis or pregnancy, for example. But sometimes the cause of headache can be the emotional tension that you feel at home or at work.

After taking pills against the headache can be calm, but if you do not opt-out stressful situations in your life, you will return again.

8. Decrease in sexual activity

The person who is emotionally drained and periodically feels stress, it has a reduction of sexual attraction. The scientists came to such conclusion due to their studies, so if you already have not had sex with your partner, it is not worth worrying about and fight. This will not improve the situation, but if the cause of the problem is stress, then such behavior will only get worse. It is best that you go on vacation to the beach.

9. Sleep problems

Situations of stress can be the cause of serious problems of sleep. Due to the strong emotional concerns, insomnia becomes entu constant companion. This is one of the states most horrible, because without sleep the person will find it difficult to work and enjoy life. When the sleeping pills no longer help you, it is time to worry. It is important to find the cause why you can’t sleep, and remove it quickly from your life.

10. Cardiovascular disease

Our heart is forced to endure so much during our lives: the happy and sad moments. Stress has a negative influence on him. The scientists showed that chronic stress is one of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Such circumstances, as a heavy load on the job or, on the contrary, the lack of work, economic problems and fights only worsen the situation.

And how reacts your body to stressful situations? Share your stories in the comments.

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