These 8 things will make the look feminine more off, but can be avoided by following a few practical tips

No one wants to look like a soda, but, sometimes, in this pursuit of comfort and security we turn to a simple picture that draws little or almost nothing to the care of others.

If coincides, at least, a point of this reflection, means that you can make your image even more alive.

1. Your closet looks like a zebra: the prevailing black and white colors

Of course, no one is opposed to the classics: a little black dress with a pearl necklace or a pair of pants formal black, with a white blouse with no embellishments. These garments must be a part of your wardrobe, but you also need to find a hole to clothes eye-catching that reflects your personality. Test with vivid colors and bold combinations. Oh by the way, the black and grey combine perfectly with any color!

2. The bag, the shoes and the belt, always the same color

Since long ago already is not a golden rule, but a true stereotype for the most lazy. Yes, it is easier to not have to think about this and choose an option that is infallible. But the monotony always ends up being boring. To choose from with security, you can use the print of your scarf or handkerchief as a guide to when to choose one or another color.

3. Any accessory for fear to create the appearance of ridiculous

A very little dull and if it’s too vulgar. And to not risk it, for fear that they will see of bad taste, once again we opted for the less reliable but “boring” style. But there is a simple solution to all this that most stylists advise: never more than three accessories. And then he gives free rein to your imagination.

4. Always with all the buttons fastened

There are images in which this looks good, but in most cases, the top button of a shirt, simply, was not designed to be fastened. There is only one exception: if you’re wearing a tie.

5. Nothing of multilayers in your dress

Put on a jacket over a dress, add a bulky scarf or a shawl, a camisole under the blouse, sweater, short eye-catching on the shirt, are simple ways to add to your image a touch of individuality and personality.

6. Heels with dress, canvas shoes with a pair of jeans

Why not try to do it exactly the other way around? A dress with canvas sneakers can be very daring and a pair of denim skinny, with a loose shirt and high heels can be incredibly attractive, according to the majority of men.

7. Clothes of a uniform color, without prints

The print captures the attention of the others, it fulfills its function as an accessory and makes the picture more interesting. The golden rule: only one element of your outfit should bring a stamped, only then the image will look elegant, free from any vulgarity.

8. The hairstyle that is most commonly used: the tail of a horse

Yes, it is handy, fast and… it’s boring! Changing hairstyle is the most simple, and at the same time, more complicated if you want to apply changes to your image. Often, it costs a lot to be decided by a fear of failure or the fear of “losing” the essence of one’s self. But it is necessary to remember three things: the hair grows fast, a hairstyle, boring and bland is unlikely to attract the attention and, most importantly, a change of image leads to positive changes in life. Therefore, one can assume that risk in pursuit of being more attractive.

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