These people shared the tricks intimates that daily help in everyday situations

Estas personas compartieron los trucos íntimos que diariamente las ayudan en situaciones cotidianas

Everyone has their recipe of “magic“: that which helps them in one or the other everyday situation. It may be a drop in the bucket, seem like something insignificant, or something that will mark the path to success, a wisdom that develops with experience and the passage of time. has put together for you today some stories of souls daring that they decided to share their ”tricks” to the whole world. I try them in your day-to-day!

  • Like me at all. I can find a common language with any person. After 15 minutes of conversation, call me friend, and I swear to you eternal love. I never receive a rejection as a response to my requests. I am the soul of any company. My co-workers and bosses worship me. To dazzle any woman, for me, is just a matter of a few minutes. The secret is quite simple: during the first five minutes of the conversation, I watch carefully and listen to my interlocutor. And then, simply, I become your “mirror“. Miming, gestures, and intonation. More than anything in the world, the people to first love herself. And to me.
  • Almost all parents are aware of this situation in which the child takes a long time to fall asleep. But my parents solved this problem quickly. They told Me that under the pillow lived ”elves of the dream“. Come out at night and close their eyes to the children to sleep. And I had to be in silence and without moving, otherwise, these “elves” would become confused and would not come to visit me. Sleep came instantly.
  • I began to live following the rule of ”do it now“. For example, I am lying on the sofa and I have to take off my makeup. I do not say to myself: ”Another round of this game and then I’m going.“ Simply, without thinking twice, despite the fact that “I don’t want to”, I wake up and I’m going to take it off. Do I have to wash the dishes after dinner? I will not stop in front of “one more chapter“, I do so now. And so, with all of it: the washing machine, the bowl for the cat, wash the clothes, make the bed and other things. No, my life has changed miraculously. But, for some reason, I started to have a lot more time.
  • As soon as I find myself in a jam, I say loud and clear: ”Pr-pr-pr” , and the cars begin to move! Is what I heard to a friend and has never failed me.
  • I like to live beautifully, but my economy does not always allow me to do so. My top 5 ways to feel like a lady rich:

    — Taking a bath with foam.
    — During dinner, light candles and put on classical music (as in families of nobles or rich people with a violinist staff).
    — Once a week, go to work by taxi.
    — Once a week, go to a café after work.
    — Go to the swimming pool.

  • When something happens that, in my opinion, causes resentment, I pronounce this question mentally or aloud. But I don’t do it in the style of “I has ofendidido“, but in detail and in full: ”I felt offended because I offered you the last piece of chocolate, I said no and he did not return to ofrecérmelo and he ate it“ or “I feel offended because of him I keep silent when I did it.” When you pronounce all full (or you just can’t define the cause of your anger), then you understand how ridiculous it can be seen from the outside. This helps you see the stupidity of a ”resentment“.
  • I have bad memory for names. Whenever I introduce someone, I immediately forget what it is called. When I was younger, I came up with a trick: when I realized that I could not help more and I couldn’t remember the full name of the person with whom I conversed the whole day, to not delatarme, always asked: ”How would you like that you apuntase on the mobile phone?“ And the young guys, immediately pleased, said to his name: for example, Juanma. Or well, they said, apúntame as “John the handsome”. The flattered and the name discovered!
  • Always that touches on get a shot, I request that I be notified when to begin to do so. At this time, I make a deep inspiration and… I don’t feel anything! It is because the brain considers respiration as a function more important than the pain. Thank you, Department of Physiology!
  • How I had to simplify notoriously my life? I stopped to give explanations and to prove something to others. Because each person believes in their own thing and thinks he is always right. So now I’m not worried at all and live as I feel. The opinion of others no longer matter to me, because you always are going to judge, regardless of how you feel and live.
  • Every time I passed the steamed rice, I add cream or broth, the step to a pan, add some vegetables and some meat , and say to all the world that I have prepared a risotto. My family thinks that I’m crazy about Italian cuisine, but, in reality, mine is not to prepare dishes.
  • I was tired of face each morning with a difficult choice: what to wear, what new combination of garments had to be invented. I pulled out all my clothes, I tried it with all combinations possible and I took pictures of all of them. I printed the pictures and made an album. Now, when I prepare to go to some place, I read as if it were a fashion magazine and I choose what to wear, considering the weather, the occasion and the place to which I go.
  • In my university, we had a subject called “Investments“. And the teacher would tell us very important things for life. For example, if you want to buy something not very necessary, calculate how much you earn per hour and how much you have to work to get it. Thus, for example, I’m not willing to work for five days to buy another bag. The method, in general, it is elementary, but it works, stop impulsive buying of unnecessary things.
  • For that I do not forget to take the bag of trash, my dad tied to the laces of my shoes. And then, from the corner, observes my reaction and laughing with malice.
  • Many people know that situation when the next day you have to get up early a lot, but you don’t get that night to sleep. I found in Internet an interesting thing: the more you weigh the blanket, the stronger the dream. I put a bunch of pillows, clothes, toys… oh my god, I can’t remember how I slept! Just perfect!!!
  • We have in house a ”box of sad”. It is a cardboard box ordinary, in which was a lamp and now my husband and I used to put candy or small details, the one to the other. For example, shower gel, a can of beer, hand cream and other similar. If someone feels sad, he opens it and is happy. A tradition very much linda, always uplifting.

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