These people were told how they found the love of his life. Their stories convinced that it is possible to find your other half in any place

The project The Way We Met publishes real-life stories, photos and videos of happy couples who tell how they met and fell in love. could not remain indifferent to these moving testimonies, and thought that should be read by all those who do not believe that you are destined to find your other half.

Fell in love for the second time

After a series of epileptic seizures, Jessica Sharman lost his memory. I couldn’t remember your name, or your loved ones, and her boyfriend Richard Bishop became for her, a stranger with whom he felt uncomfortable. But Richard did not give up and began to earn the trust of Jessica again. His love and his patience and returned to conquer it.

“I knew him not for nothing, but he behaved as if we were to love one another. I tried to cut the relationship, but he looked very vulnerable. He promised Me he would help me to remember how well we spent together. The strength of their feelings and their care finally convinced me to give the relationship another chance. I don’t remember the first time I fell in love with Richard, but without a doubt, I remember the second“.

An encounter on the train

“I remember the first time I saw Mark on the train, on the way to work. It was love at first sight. After what I saw every day, but he was always absorbed in a book. I dared a desperate action: I gave her a letter, inviting him to come out. I was crazy with nerves all day, until at 17: 30 I replied that he could not accept my invitation because he had a girlfriend.

They spent eight months. Mark and I we were still traveling companions that are not talked about. But one day, I received a mail in which he invited me to come out. It was that their relationship had ended a few months before. Our first date was perfect, three months later we were living together and three years later he proposed me marriage. In a train, of course“.

Interests in common

“Today it seems crazy to have found the love in a dating site. When we first met, I was 33 years old, and Chris, 35. We were both concerned because we thought that since we would not find love, but, luckily, it was not so. Chris and I are football fans. When I saw your photo, I was struck because he was wearing the t-shirt of your computer.

As it was cold, I refused to put on a dress (even for a first date) and I proposed to Chris to spend the evening in an informal atmosphere. He didn’t mind. I went to his house, we order food and we were just watching tv. We felt as if we knew for an eternity. Since then they spent two and a half years, we’re married and not long ago was born our daughter.”

In the right place, at the right time

I met my wife by being in the right place, at the right time. My friends I had been invited to a disco. I don’t want to go, but one of them convinced me telling me that he wanted to introduce me to a cute woman. It was, indeed, linda, but when I started to chat with her I looked askance to another woman, and I could not take your eyes off. It was called Claire.

Right away I invited her to dance and later asked his permission to kiss her. Was red up to his ears and nodded. That kiss seemed to me pure magic. We went back to the table and we talked for hours. After we came back to see us, and five months later I asked him the most important question. Now, already seven years ago that we are together, we have two children and many moments of happiness lived”.

A single computer

“I met my husband Pete at the university. His sister Nancy was my roommate and I saw a picture of Pete that she had. I told him that I looked cute and she insisted on arranging an appointment. That happened 34 years ago. Since then we are inseparable. I am an interior designer, Pete is an engineer and our skills helped us to create a unique team.

We have raised three wonderful children who already have families of their own. We value each and every moment that we spent with them and our two grandchildren (a third on the way!). For many years we have a tradition: several times a week we go out for a walk with our labrador. It is only one way of many that we have to strengthen our marriage.

Found love in a laundry

I met Josh in a laundry. I lived temporarily in the house of a friend who had no washing machine, so I had to find a laundry. It was not easy to find, but in the end I saw a young man walking with a basket full of dirty clothes and I asked where I could wash the clothes. He showed me the laundry room which I used, was a room with two washing machines.

I spoke happily with him, but at the beginning I did not pay much attention. It seemed to Me that he was shy, but handsome. We split up to do our things and when I came back to get the clothes clean, I found a note: Josh invited me to drink a coffee. After the first appointment we saw all day. Now we are committed. I can’t wait to wash clothes until the end of my days (it’s a joke)“.

Is the target

Our love story seems to show us in the movies. I was returning from a business trip through Asia. I was doing the check-in at the Bangkok airport when, all of a sudden, to my right I saw the woman of my dreams. But when I got my heel boarding and I wanted to talk to her, she was no longer there. I spent the next two hours thinking: “what would have happened if…?”

The time came to board the plane. Guess who I crossed paths. We talked during all the time that lasted the flight, and then I understood that she was the perfect woman for me. The plane landed in Doha, I went off to the US, she, to Barcelona. I could not get it out of my head and a few weeks later I flew to Spain. Three days later, I decided that I would move there forever. I took a chance and I was not wrong“.

The couple’s most insane

“I met Thomas on a dating site. He lived in Canada and I in New York. A week later, we were already in love. We send SMS, we talked by phone and by Skype every day, and three weeks later he left everything except his dog, and came to New York. On the same day that we saw for the first time we moved together, with two dogs, a study of 27 square metres.

Everyone thought we were crazy, but it was the best decision of our lives. He proposed me to marriage with a candy cherry in the form of a ring and we were married in a civil registry: just the two of us and our dogs. It was the wedding of our dreams. We are the couple most insane of the Land, I know, but wouldn’t change it for anything in the world“.

Impossible to invent

“Three years ago I went to do shopping to a supermarket. When I came out, desbloqueé the door of my 4×4 but, when I got closer, I saw a man next to him. Was keeping your purchases in my trunk. I told him that the car was mine, but he laughed and said that was his 4×4. Then I went back to lock the doors, and he realized his error: his car was parked to the side.

Turned pale and apologized, and I, to dramatize the moment, I made a joke: “you Can leave your products, I will stay with pleasure”. And he answered: “Only if I prepare a dinner with them.“ A couple of weeks later in truth I prepared him a dinner at my house and so it began. When we tell our story, people sometimes don’t believe us, but something like this is impossible to invent. Is the destination”.

It is never too late to give the “yes”

It is never late to find love! Is what I would like to convey Murphy Wilson, 70 years of age and Lucinda Myers, of 67. In the beginning you admired at a distance. Lucinda believed that the one who had to give the first step was the man, but when he saw that Murphy stopped attending mass on Saturdays, he made an exception. It took courage and said to him: “Lately, because I never see her wonderful smile”.

They started to leave and, a month later, Murphy proposed to Lucinda marriage. When he saw his bride walking to the altar was so nervous that it was petrified. The pastor until he had to give the boyfriend a little push, something that made him quite gracious to the guests. None of the two was married for the first time: the wife of Murphy had been killed in the year 2013 and Lucinda had divorced her first husband. She returned to find the love 30 years later.

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