These people wanted to create something fantastic, but the result was a little strange

With each passing day, the diy becomes more and more popular and have more followers. There is nothing surprising, because the creativity gives the human being a lot of energy.

In admire these people who found ways to express themselves through creativity. And no matter what you try to create in particular, as long as the process is enjoyable.

18. A bench of what I had on hand

17. “I, I stained the pants of paint. What corregí. Now is a jeans designer.”

16. “Dad, I prepared a biscuit for the school. In a moment my backpack fell off this. They had seen the face of my friends.”

15. Rocking chair

14. “I made my first candles homemade. I put them in the window, where it strikes the sun. And this was the result”.

13. A case to the fashion

12. “My girlfriend took me to a hardware store. What a bore it was, I made a burger of cup holders”.

11. Christmas is near

10. “I took too many beers and I made a fortress to the cat. Apparently, you like.”

9. Tablet support hand-made

8. “I think my husband could have imagined, another thing when I told him that I had done a sexy dress”.

7. “I decorated the air freshener automatic on-the-job”.

6. Maximum level of comfort

5. How to decorate your mailbox if you live in a cold area

4. Castle of boxes of creative staff

3. “My wife is very creative. He did a crown for christmas and gave to understand that the pizza delivery workers exaggerate their fliers.”

2. “When I was a kid, dad made me this costume of a Ninja turtle. No longer will I ask for costumes of superheroes”.

1. Latest fashion design landscapes

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