These people break all stereotypes of what should be the ideal partner

An ideal couple is one in which two people love each other with all the soul. Nothing more. There is no other parameter more than this. But, for some reason, we keep surprising each time you see a loving couple of different height, weight or nationality. found 9 stories that prove that there are no guidelines for love: if two hearts have been found, it does not matter to the opinion of others.

Family Fernandes da Silva

Joelison Fernandes da Silva is the tallest man of Brazil and the third highest in the world: it measures 233 cm. Holder of a Guinness record, he suffered many ridicule from their peers in childhood, up to the point of not leaving your house for several years. But everything remained in the past: now not only not afraid to leave her home, but enjoys a full life. In 2015, Joelison married Evem Medeiros, a woman 7 years younger and 156 centímeytos lower than him.

Anton Kraft and China Bell

The Danish 54-year-old is holder of a world record in weight lifting. The man, of only 125 cm high, is capable of lifting four times its own weight. But this is not the most interesting fact of his biography. Since several years ago, the chosen one of Anton’s the beauty of Florida China Bell, who was born a man. This is a case that allows you to say that opposites attract.

David Sikorski with his wife Shawarma

One day, the writer from San Fransisco end of the patience. David was tired of seeing romantic pictures of their friends, that they appeared every day in their social networks. One is home, and the other has an appointment, the other is with baby happily in her arms. And David Sikorski decided to show what was happening in her private life. He went to his favorite store, he bought there his beloved burrito and commissioned a photo shoot in the style of Love Story, which entertained the entire network during 2015.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

We all know Verne Troyer for his portrayal of Mini Me in “Austin Powers“ and the goblin Griphook in the ”Harry Potter”. Despite its low height (only 80 inches), Verne was always very popular among women with appearance of models. Went out for a long time with Genevieve Gallen, who he married in 2004. To be fair, it was clear that the marriage was annulled the next day, but anyway, this pair deserves a place in our list of love some common.

Victor Hugo and Gabriela Peralta

The couple’s most tattooed in the world in addition to countless drawings has, between the two, 77 body modificationsinclude 50 piercings, dental implants, rings, and scars. Victor and Gabriela are now happily married for over 15 years and have a tattoo studio where they work together.

Beautiful Existence married to herself

The present: she is Beautiful Existence. Up to 42 years, american single mother of two children named Desiree Longabaugh and was not very happy in her love life. One day, he came to the conclusion that before you build a relationship with someone, any person you should marry with him or herself. The woman changed her name legally and held a wedding ceremony in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Elisany Silva da Cruz and Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho

Another time Brazil time and time again the tallest person. This time it is a young girl named Elisany Silva da Cruz, a holder of a Guinness record, since it measures 206 centimetres. It would be logical that your chosen out-Joelison Fernandes, about whom we talked at the beginning of this article, but destiny had other plans. Several years ago, Elisany is happy with Francinaldo, who measured 43 centimetres less than her. The couple do not feel uncomfortable with the height difference, they are happy and have no complex regarding the topic.

Gloria Shuri Nava and Ali Lori

This couple caused quite a stir on Instagram. Where it has been seen that a man with body of a Greek god, leave with a chubby that over glasses? The haters refused to believe in a love like this, but the photos of the wedding didn’t let them another option. Gloria and Ali look very happy and, apparently, the difference of habits is not an impediment to a great love.

Couple more squat in the world: Paulo and Katyucia

This is a common pair of two people with little in common. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino appear to have been made by nature, the one to the other. Have more or less the same height: 89 cm. The couple met several years ago through the Internet and formalized legally in 2016. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in London, where they were to find their certifícado of the Guinness Book of world Records that autentificaba that are the lowest pair in the world.

What about you who would you give the award to “The couple’s most brilliant”?

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