These people peered in from things common and were very surprised with what they found there

The objects that we use daily are so usual that we do not expect any cheating on your part. But the most meticulous sometimes look at things from within, and found there many curiosities.

In us by surprise, such a number of extraordinary objects found in common things and want to share with you the findings more impressive.

1. “My dog broke his toy and I discovered in its interior one like this but sad”

2. When the manufacturer takes their craft in a literal way: this bracelet rule is made of a… rule

3. “Yesterday I broke a ball playing bocce. Inside was a few billiard balls”

4. Gender change

5. The inside of this bra are hidden the love and support

6. “Inside of this grape I found a more”

7. The spray for the shoe is only deodorant for women

8. This ball for golf it looks very curious on the inside

9. “I dropped a frog garden and found inside… two snowmen”

10. A beer can inside another can

11. The filler in this KitKat is located in the “opposite direction”

12. A rule hidden in the inside of a laptop

13. “When you chop down a dead tree we found in its other interior”

14. “The guts” of a 9-volt battery: 6 x AA batteries

15. This weird thing is only a bowling ball cut

16. In the handle of the screwdriver there was another, smaller

17. “It turns out that the monster teddy had a heart, and my dog killed him”

18. This table is made of cardboard

19. Under a billiard ball is hidden a more

20. This rope is made out of… diapers with Mickey Mouse

21. Specialists in advertising were found to be more intelligent

22. Not that complicated life: this case for iPad is made of packaging of toothpaste

What items have you found you inside of everyday objects? It tell us!

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