These are the best Apps to read comic

Comics are a passion. No matter how many you read, you always want to have more. That is why the digital tools to get closer to our comic favorites are always appreciated so much, and now want even more to our friends at Chilango ‘s because they did an exquisite list of apps, so you don’t miss a page.

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Is available in free version and of payment in Google Play, and on iOS it costs $149. Opens any format of comic books (as a PDF) and you can change its position to read it as you acomodes, as well as increase the size of text and images, without which their quality is reduced. If you read mangas, you can do it from right to left, as it always does. In addition, it has a great library and you can sync your reading with your PC.

Astonishing Comic Reader

Is only available for Android and is free. You have a large amount of comics and the best thing is that it does not lock or it gets slow. A big point in its favor is that you can put together your favorite titles in collections, but it also gives you recommendations. Its interface is simple, so it is very easy to use.


One of the apps to read comic favorite users on Android is this, because it holds high-resolution images and does not latch in no time. Opens compressed files and in different formats, such as JPEG, GIF and PNG. You can also use it to read books or to open other types of images.



So as not to look for more apps to read comics, try ComiXology, which is available for iOS and Android. It has over 100 thousand comics and graphic novels, including Marvel, ninja turtles, Transformers, Ghostbusters, and even My Little Pony. You can read even without internet.

Challenger Comics Viewer

Is of the apps to read comic books accepts several types of files, such as PDF, ZIP, GIF, JPG, EPUB, CBR and more. The best thing is that it does not have ads and is very easy to use. You can read your comic books horizontal or vertical, and the pages load automatically.

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