This gadget can unlock any iPhone and that the police are using

We know that Apple has always been characterized by providing a secure system for locking to protect the privacy of the users, something that has not always pleased the authorities at the time of inquire, in any event, police.

In order to access an iPhone is really complicated if there is not key access or biometric system, and the company absolutely refuses to provide any kind of information under the premise that the privacy of customers is paramount.

However, it seems that the authorities have found the solution to circumvent the security system of the iPhone with a gadget called GrayKey, the price of which is not at all accessible, that round 15 thousand dollars. The device takes advantage of a security flaw and the manufacturer works a former employee of the company, what makes us think we have the extensive knowledge to develop this product.

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GrayKey is a small box that has a Lightening connector that is able to unlock iOS devices from version 11 (among them iPhone X, of course). However, their use is limited, since it only unlocks up to 300 times, although the more expensive version can do unlimited and costs 30 thousand dollars.

How does it work?

GrayKey connects to the iPhone for 2 minutes, is removed and is given a space of waiting. After minutes and even days, the smartphone will be put on a black screen with a security code required for all the contents of the cell can be downloaded onto the gadget. In this way, the authorities can see everything via any computer.

In theory, GrayKey may not be purchased by anyone, but it seems to be that the police american order this product in droves, so don’t be surprised that soon other countries of the world take advantage of this opportunity.

What is not certain is whether Apple is familiar with this error in your system, so maybe soon could be corrected with a patch in future updates.

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Do you think that the authorities should have the right to access the information of users who will see immersed in affairs police?