This young man travels 1,000 miles to meet with an old woman that he met in an online game

They say that in online games not only create connections of players, but in addition, if you are lucky you get friends for life.

In we want to share with you this touching story that shows that no matter the age, race, distance, or the difference of thoughts to be friends.

Watch until the end and find out how did this young rapper!

Last summer Spencer Sleyon began to play online the famous game Words With Friends. Without having waited, found a random partner with whom you discussed during more than 300 sessions. At the end, after many conversations, they built a great friendship, to the point of becoming her counselor staff.

But this is not really novel. Your opponent is Rosalind Gutman, 80 years of age, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida. Two people completely different they found something in common that the joined.

Sleyon after a season decided to stop playing, because his life was full of occupations, but before this he asked for an advice to her friend, who always advised him to pursue his dream of being a music producer.

Shortly after he returned to talk with a friend, the daughter of a reverend called Amy Butler of the Riverside church, in a casual conversation. He said that his best friend was a “white woman of 80 years who now lived in a retirement community in Florida”. The young man immediately, and with the help of his mother he decided to do everything possible to reunite them in person.

This was the first photo is shared by Amy Butler and Spencer through their social networks. We really are very excited!

It was as well as Spencer Sleyon flew from New York to Florida to meet his great friend Rosalind. The meeting was quite emotional.

Ms. Gutman took her to lunch at your friend to your favorite restaurant, took a walk, discussed their dreams, of his family, he also gave a couple of tips, as if they had never stopped communicating.

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