This father became her life with twins in a photographic project entertaining

What can happen if your dad is a genius? Do you or a little crazy? Or do a genius a little crazy? This can end in a photo project fun to that show that a person with a lot of imagination you can convert the task of being a father in a show fascinating with the participation of all members of the family.

The photographer, an israeli Guy Vainer and his wife make daily photos about your life with twins a year, Barak and Yanai, retocándolas with Photoshop.

In also believe that children can not only be a great test, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

When not you managed to get a babysitter for this night

When dad decided to teach their children one or the other trick of wrestling

The first rule of fight club is never talk about fight club

The routine in the house of the Vainer

When mom and dad are sobreesforzaron a little

When your children always have heat

What a madness? No, this is Sparta!

Mom, who plays cards as well?

We made a Transformer!

Home alone (with twins), or Nightmare on Christmas eve

Does anyone here have seen the cat?

Mortal Combat. ¡Acábalo!

Suspects of mistreating his parents

Make your bets

So as you can see the games the parents of the twins

The winter is approaching

The true Justice League

Now they are distinguishable

So you see the raw reality of raising twins

What do you think of these ideas for a photo shoot family?

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