This test japanese will tell you some secrets about relationships or yourself, you know

Addiction to work is a national problem of the japanese: they work 10 to 12 hours a day and, as a result, they have virtually no time for his family. But, regardless of that, the percentage of divorces in the country of the “Rising Sun” is much more low than in the West. Possibly, the cause of this is any particular philosophy towards love. That is what we will check now! found a test japanese-only 6 questions that will reveal some unknown data about you and your relationship with your beloved.

Imagine you got an agreement on an appointment in the house of your novi@

You’re standing at a crossroads of two roads: one is simple and will allow you to get to your destination faster, but you will not see anything interesting. The other is long and unexpected, with different interesting things in it. By what would you go?

You’re on your way and suddenly you see 2 rose bushes

Why not take a bouquet of flowers to your dear@? In front of you there are red roses and white. What proportion of them do you choose?

You get to the house where they had agreed to the appointment, you touch the door and it will open a domestic employee

Do you ask her she will report to the owner of the house on your arrival, or simply say to your love@ you’re already there?

You enter an empty room with your love@

Where do you put the bouquet of flowers? How in the window or on the bed?

You spent the day together. The wished one another good night, separated and went to different rooms

You wake up and you’re going to the bedroom of your love@ to give the good days. What he already has woken up or still sleeping?

It is time to return home

What of the two ways you choose to return: the long or the short?

Look at what they mean in your answers:

  1. What path did you choose to go to the home of your love@?
    If you chose the short road, then you fall in love very fast. If preferiste the long and complicated, your feelings progressively increase.
  2. What flowers did you choose for the bouquet? How and in what proportion?
    The red flowers indicate how prepared you are to contribute in the relationship, while the white talk about how much you would like to receive. If the bouquet is of a single tone, that means that you expect to give and receive a lot of your partner. If it is multi colored, then probably you keep a balance.
  3. Do you’t you warn about your arrival or you asked the domestic worker to do?
    If you sent the housemaid, in conflict you tend to resort to the help of a third party. If you decide to go personally, all the problems are solved within the couple.
  4. Where you have placed the flowers?
    If you placed on the bed, then you’re safe in that relationship and want to be together as long as possible. If it was in the window, it is best not to rush things.
  5. When you were to wake up to your love@, do you still asleep or he was awake?
    If the person is asleep, then you are ready to accept it as it is and tolerate its shortcomings. If you’re already awake, you think you can change it.
  6. What path did you choose for the return trip?
    If you chose the short, you can stop loving a person pretty fast. Choose a longer path means a strong attachment to a companion, and a desire to build long-term relationships.

How you were surprised? Do you agree with the results?

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